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US Endo Partners practices feel the empowering connection and support of belonging to this specialty dental service organization (SDSO). 

At US Endo’s annual Vision Summit in Dallas, Partners came together to talk about the future, strengthen connections, and have a little fun

Building culture delivers financial returns

As today’s endodontists look to the future of their practices and careers, more are exploring the trend of practice partnerships and weighing the notion of an ideal culture and community against a lucrative financial opportunity. At US Endo Partners, we know the two go hand-in-hand.

US Endo Partners — a unique Specialty Dental Service Organization (SDSO) founded in 2018 — is built on an exciting mission to drive meaningful opportunity and growth for our team members as we pursue excellence together. We also share a compelling vision to spread the life-changing power of saving teeth while proactively shaping our specialty and the next generation of endodontic leaders. We were the nation’s first SDSO exclusively for endodontists, and now we are proud to announce that we were the nation’s first endodontic SDSO to enjoy a successful equity event.

“Clarity, alignment, and unity of purpose define our culture and create value,” said Ronny Rowell, US Endo Partners Chief Operating Officer. “Our successful equity event shows that our intentional focus on outstanding patient care, united with our commitment to fostering the growth of the whole person, pays big dividends.”

The US Endo Partners model is attractive on multiple levels. First, we believe that the success we generate from our aligned pursuit of excellence should be rewarded. Our Partners have a stake in the company’s proven financial success. Our Partners are Class A shareholders in our company, which means you invest in your Partners, and they invest in you. Moreover, as a practicing endodontist, your work continues to produce for you at the same time as your investment does. This allows our Partners to realize the benefits of retirement while they’re still building — and benefiting from — their careers.

The additional allure of US Endo Partners for endodontists in all career stages is multifaceted, starting with our partnership model, which allows you to stay uniquely you. With US Endo, you retain your clinical autonomy, practice culture, valued team members, and local brand identity. Dedicated to you, your team, and your work-life balance, our Support Team works with the business side of your practice in areas from marketing and human resources to revenue-cycle management and compliance. This supportive-community dimension of US Endo Partners develops and insulates our endodontists. In short, we do what we do best, so you and your team can do what you do best.

Partners and their practice teams feel the empowering connection and support of belonging to a special community invested in each other’s success.

Our annual Vision Summit brings us all together to focus on personal and professional growth while building strong friendships, and our innovation of a track of comprehensive development programs drives fulfillment among our clinicians. In 2022, nearly 200 Partners assembled in Dallas for the Summit, and to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with their peers from across the country and plan for the future — and the excitement was palpable!

We also feel the power of giving back to our local communities. US Endo was proud to join forces with the Foundation for Endodontics to launch the Domestic Access to Care Program in a quest to provide exceptional treatment to underserved patients across the country.

“Partnering with US Endo is so much more than a great business opportunity. Our culture is about growth in every aspect of our lives — from improving our communication skills to leadership training, to advanced clinical training courses and beyond,” said Dr. Jeremy M. Young, US Endo Partners Operational Excellence Leader. “I truly believe that being part of US Endo offers the chance to become not only a better endodontist, but also a better boss, a better spouse, and a better friend. What we are building is unique; I’m truly thrilled to get to be a part of it.”

When it’s time to talk, talk to the first and only SDSO with proven financial results and a supportive, growth-minded culture — US Endo Partners. We’re in active discussions with top-tier endodontists, and we have openings for associates and recent graduates who are looking to start their careers at a flourishing practice. Learn more about US Endo Partners by visiting


This information was provided by US Endo Partners.

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