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Peak performance is a byproduct of our practice culture

Drs. Joel C. Small and Edwin McDonald discuss how leaders need to create a compelling vision Much of our work at Line of Sight Coaching revolves around leadership development and creating optimal practice cultures. We believe that optimal organizational cultures are the byproduct of effective leadership. This is not to say that poor leadership does …

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The Roaring 20s

Here comes summer — we’re already halfway through the year, and many of us have hit the ground running into 2021 — a robust reboot of the “Roaring 20s!” During this past year, we have all had plenty of time to think about our personal and professional lives, what works and what needs to be …

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Paradigms in endodontics: CIE, MIE/RDE, NIE

Writing in Dentistry Today in 2008, L. Stephen Buchanan relates a conversation he had with renowned prosthodontist Carl Reider.1 Reider is quoted as saying that “he [Reider] would prefer it if the endodontist could just suck the dying pulp out of the tooth without removing any dentin.” Buchanan continues, “He [Reider] made that paradigm-shifting statement …

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