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Freedom Day USA

Dr. Lou Shuman discusses how a lifetime of freedom can be repaid by giving a day for free Every day, military men and women around the world are missing their families and risking their lives to protect our country. When they get back, despite their phenomenal service, they often quietly struggle to receive health and

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Advancing endodontics

As we embark on another promising year in the field of endodontics, it’s crucial to explore the transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies in reshaping our practice landscape. In this introduction, we’ll delve into four key areas poised to revolutionize the way we diagnose, communicate with patients, optimize operatory ergonomics, and enhance clinical outcomes: artificial intelligence

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Choose faith over fear

I’m sitting at my computer on a beautiful day, writing my winter message, and Billy Joel’s song, “Keeping the Faith” started playing. It started me thinking of the past and the future and how sometimes, it seems easier to stay “lost in let’s remember” than move forward and face an often scary unknown. One of

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Technology and positive change

The practice of endodontics has evolved dramatically over the course of the last few decades. Many practitioners consider endodontics to be at its golden age. Technology and materials have been at the forefront of these positive changes. When I reflect back on 30+ years of practice, there are a few of these technological changes that

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The curse of perfectionism

Drs. Joel C. Small and Edwin McDonald discuss perfectionism versus consistent improvement Professional athletes train to perfect their skills throughout their lifetime, and yet few of them can attain perfection. Olympic gymnasts, for example, spend hours upon hours in training to perfect their skills yet rarely achieve a perfect 10 score. Ty Cobb, a renowned

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