Meet the Media Team

Lisa Mohler Team BW

Lisa Moler

Lisa leads MedMark’s business strategy, cultivates business development opportunities, and establishes strategic industry partnerships.
Phone: (480) 403-1505
Email: Lmoler@medmarkmedia.com


Adrienne Good

National Account Manager
Assists dental vendors in reaching their dental specialty audiences via print and digital forms of media.
Schedule a meeting with Adrienne to brainstorm your next custom campaign!
Phone: (623) 340-4373
Email: agood@medmarkmedia.com

Melissa Minnick Team BW

Melissa Minnick

Sales Assistant and Client Services 
Assists with Sales and Account Management.
Phone: (602) 909-1719
Email: melissa@medmarkmedia.com

Amzi Koury Team BW

Amzi Koury

Marketing Director
Marketing & Digital Strategy
Phone: (866) 579-9496
Email: Amzi@medmarkmedia.com

Michelle Britzius

Michelle Britzius

eMedia Coordinator
Organizer of Digital Campaigns and Collateral
Phone: (866) 579-9496
Email: emedia@medmarkmedia.com

April Gutierrez

April Gutierrez

Social Media Manager
Social Media channel management and campaign execution
Phone: (866) 579-9496
Email: socialmedia@medmarkmedia.com

Hana Kahn Team BW

Hana Kahn

Digital Marketing Assistant
Social Media & eMedia Support
Phone: (866) 579-9496
Email: support@medmarkmedia.com

Mike Campbell Team BW

Mike Campbell

Website Architect
Website & Server Management
Phone: (866) 579-9496
Email: webmaster@medmarkmedia.com

Eileen Kane BW

Eileen Kane

Website Support
WordPress & digital solutions
Phone: (866) 579-9496
Email: webmaster@medmarkmedia.com

Mali Schantz Feld New Headshot

Mali Schantz-Feld, MA, CDE

Managing Editor 
Editor, author-liaison for editorial
Phone: (866) 579-9496
Email: mali@medmarkmedia.com

Betty Romanek Team BW

Betty Romanek

Assistant Editor
Edit manuscripts and page proofs
Phone: (866) 579-9496
Email: mali@medmarkmedia.com


Amanda Culver

Creative Director & Production Manager
Design guru, print deliverables liaison, slightly OCD production maestro
Phone: (866) 579-9496
Email: amanda@medmarkmedia.com

Teresa Heiler Headshot

Teresa Heiler

Operations Manager
Manages office efficiency and operational flow
Phone: (866) 579-9496
Email: teresa@medmarkmedia.com

Andrea Sherman Team BW

Andrea Sherman

Phone: (866) 579-9496

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