Bioceramics: Promising New Frontier or Wild West

Dr. Jianing He and Dr. Ali Nasseh will review the research and clinical support for the use of bioceramics in endodontics and discuss what we know and what we don't know about the different materials currently available on the market.

Save the Tooth! Reconstruction of Compromised Teeth from Endodontics to Final Restoration

This webinar will discuss how to monetize your Endodontic practice value with an invisible dental support organization.

Strategic Tax Planning for the Dental Professional

Are you paying too much in taxes? CPA Shaylin Peck has more than 20 years as a successful CPA and shares his proactive tax saving strategies for your dental practice. Discover the top 4 tax ideas you may not have heard about, and how warrantying your work could help reduce your taxable income.

Monetizing your Practice Value with an IDSO Partner

This webinar will discuss how to monetize your Endodontic practice value with an invisible dental support organization.

Why Practice Values are on the Rise and How that Impacts You

Chip Fichtner, founder of Large Practice Sales will share with you his view of the current state of market consolidation during and after COVID-19.

Surgical Operating Microscope and Cone Beam CT

This webinar will review the basic principles and applications of surgical operating microscope and Cone Beam CT. We will also look at interesting and challenging cases that likely would not have been successful without the advent of these two technologies.

Retreatment using XP-3D Adaptive Instrumentation

Dr. Trope will review the limitations of retreating endo cases with conventional round files and will introduce a new protocol for retreating cases with the adaptive XP-3D Shaper and Finisher instruments.

Advancements in Endodontic Microsurgery and its Clinical Application

The purpose of this presentation is to review advancements made in the understanding and execution of endodontic apical microsurgery, as well as the positive impact these advancements have had on treatment outcome.

Weave’s Dental Specialty Software Webinar

Weave’s Product Specialist, Mike Hague, will walk through how Weave’s software is giving offices all over the country to tools they need to manage their offices through unpredictability. No matter how much you modify the ways you interact with customers, deliver services, and secure revenue, Weave provides the flexibility for you to adapt and keep your business running.

Webinar: The Role of BioActive Materials in Vital Pulp Therapy

Dr. Martin Trope suggests new recommendations for vital pulp therapy and discusses the properties of these new materials that have allowed us to expand the role of vital pulp therapy.
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