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The Endodontic Triad: dead or alive?

Dr. John West shares colleagues’ perceptions on improving performance and increasing endodontic predictability Introduction “Change is the only constant.” The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is credited for speaking one of nature’s absolute rules about time and change. However, perhaps because events and things like inventions were slow to change 2,500 years ago, Heraclitus did not mention …

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Bioceramics: Promising New Frontier or Wild West?

Drs. Jianing (Jenny) He and Allen Ali Nasseh provide a look into their recent Endodontic Practice US webinar focused on bioactives and bioceramics Learning Objectives Understand the properties of the “bioceramics” and “bioactives” used in endodontics. Understand the knowledge gaps regarding research and clinical outcomes for newer materials versus the established bioceramics on the market. …

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Interdisciplinary endodontics

Dr. John West discusses saving endodontically diseased teeth with consensus diagnosis, interdisciplinary treatment planning, and sequencing Introduction Endodontically treated teeth can be the weakest link in the esthetic/restorative diagnosis and treatment plan. They can also be the missing link between success and failure of the interdisciplinary treatment plan. In this, the second decade of the …

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