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Dr. Michael Winick discovered an exciting new chapter for his practice when he joined Specialized Dental Partners.

Chair side with Dr. Michael Winick

Dr. Michael Winick’s endodontic odyssey with Specialized Dental Partners

In the ever-evolving landscape of endodontics, stories emerge that transcend the routine narratives. Dr. Michael Winick, a seasoned endodontist, embarked on an unconventional path, entering endodontic residency at the age of 38, setting the stage for a remarkable career that found renewed vigor with Specialized Dental Partners (SDP).

From solo practitioner to partnership

His story begins with a unique twist — a late entry into endo school. This decision, while unconventional, laid the foundation for a successful solo practice in Canton, Ohio, opening in 2002. However, the trajectory of his career faced a pivotal juncture in 2021 when retirement loomed on the horizon.

The challenge of considering retirement at the peak of his professional stride prompted Dr. Winick to explore private equity-backed partnerships. He discovered SDP, and the encounter marked the inception of a transformative chapter in his practice. The decision to choose Specialized Dental Partners was influenced significantly by the qualities exhibited by the SDP team, such as their notable approachability and transparency at every level. These qualities set SDP apart, making it the preferred choice over other DSOs, as Dr. Winick valued the collaborative and supportive environment they provided throughout the transition and partnership journey. “Once I joined, I realized that it was more than just a retirement plan; it was going to be an exciting new chapter of practice,” Dr. Winick emphasized.

Winick Endo’s Practice Manager, Dodi Bachtel, and patient

Operational transformations post-partnership

In 2021, formalizing the partnership marked a transformative phase for Dr. Winick’s practice. The shift brought not just a change in status but a reconfiguration of operations. Administrative responsibilities seamlessly shifted from Dr. Winick to the capable hands of the practice manager, Dodi Bachtel, and the adept team of business experts at Specialized Dental. This strategic move liberated Dr. Winick to dedicate his undivided attention to patient care, a shift that significantly impacted the practice dynamics.

Engaging in Specialized Dental’s FLOW program, one of the many learning and development opportunities included with the SDP partnership, proved instrumental. Winick Endo experienced a surge in practice efficiency, a direct result of insights gained through the program. The ripple effect was evident in the increased daily patient intake and a discernible enhancement in the overall quality of patient care. Notably, Winick Endo grew 21% in 2023 over 2022. Best of all, they achieved that growth with no increase in staff or clinical days. They were working smarter, not harder.

Balancing professional and personal life

Dr. Winick’s story echoes practitioners’ sentiments, emphasizing work-life balance. Joining Specialized Dental Partners brought transformative change professionally and personally. “Once I became an endodontist, I was cruising along, but I worked in a silo. I viewed other endodontists in my area as my competitors. By partnering with Specialized Dental, I found my community and those competitors turned into collaborators, friends, and partners.”

Partnership with SDP is a journey that can bring efficiency, support, and community. Dr. Winick shows joining Specialized Dental Partners goes beyond a retirement plan — it’s a catalyst for professional and personal enrichment, harmonizing career success, and life outside the clinic.

To learn about partnership opportunities with Specialized Dental Partners, visit specializeddental.com.

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