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BIO-C® Sealer ION+ By Angelus

BIO-C® Sealer ION+ comes in a syringe with intracanal tips for direct insertion into the root canal. In addition, it presents an innovative formula with modified calcium silicate with more ion release that will stimulate the production of hydroxyapatite, enhancing bone regeneration.

Image courtesy of Warley Tavares, DDS, MSc, PhD

4 reasons to choose BIO-C® Sealer ION+

  1. Resin-free and eugenol-free material

BIO-C® Sealer ION+ is resin-free and does not cause post-op symptoms. Being eugenol-free, it also does not interact negatively with cements and bonding agents.

  1. Excellent flow

With a flow of approximately 24 mm and micronized particles smaller than 2 µm, the product has excellent viscosity, quickly penetrating into different ramifications of the complex root canal system and dentin tubules, favoring the formation of a hermetic and three-dimensional filling.

  1. Possible to use with cold or warm gutta percha

Root canal filling techniques that use the heated gutta percha reach a temperature of 392°F. BIO-C® Sealer ION+ remains stable at this temperature unlike other sealers that degrade at temperatures close to 291°F.

  1. Low solubility

With a solubility of less than 3%, bacterial reinfection is avoided as it will not have voids in the canal after its setting, ensuring a homogeneous filling and increasing the chances of successful treatment.

Visit Angelus at www.angelusdental.com or your local dealer.



Brasseler — a leader in Anatomically Centered Endodontics (ACE)

For two decades, Brasseler has been spearheading advancements in root canal procedures with leading products in obturation, shaping, and disinfection. Now, Brasseler is simplifying the endodontic workflow for all clinicians by focusing on Anatomically Centered Endodontics. The “ACE” philosophy combines three leading, patented products: the XP-3D™ Shaper, Triton® Irrigation Solution, and BC Sealer™.

BC Sealer simplified obturation, allowing doctors to embrace a single cone technique without the need for complicated heated condensation.

The XP Endo Shaper is the ultimate adaptive and minimally invasive shaping instrument. Adaptive core technology allows the instrument to move freely and adapt to the canal’s natural shape, reducing potential for damage to the tooth. Not only is XP excellent at shaping, it also functions as an agitator for enhanced irrigation and debridement.

Triton All-in-One Irrigation Solution simultaneously disinfects while also debriding. No other irrigation solution can tackle tissue dissolution, smear layer removal, and disinfection in one step.

The ACE workflow combines the use of the XP-3D Shaper with Triton allowing for simultaneous shaping and disinfection. The canals are then obturated with BC Sealer and a matching single cone, making endodontics accessible to all clinicians by utilizing affordable, easy-to-use products in a simple, streamlined workflow.

To learn more about Brasseler’s leading patented products and the ACE philosophy, visit us at https://brasselerusadental.com/ace/.

Visit Brasseler USA at AAE Booth No. 319



Unlock the future of your dental practice

Are you considering selling your practice in the next 12 months?

You could seamlessly transition your practice to a 100% endodontist-owned platform dedicated to preserving your legacy. We do not answer to any corporate interests. Our owner-centric model allows you to retain equity or choose a full cash transaction with no restrictive contracts or crawl-back clauses. With more than 20 years of experience, 50 clinicians, and over 1 million procedures completed by our network of endodontists, we are your perfect partner.

To explore possibilities and make your practice transition a triumph, connect with us at our booth No. 308.

For aspiring endodontists

Join us as an associate for the most competitive compensation, mentoring, and training to elevate your clinical skills. Shape a successful career with us, and secure the future you deserve. Connect with us at our booth No. 308.

Visit Cornerstone Dental Specialties at AAE Booth No. 308



Endo Mastery

Seminars and practice coaching for incredible endodontic success!

Endo Mastery transforms your practice into a highly productive and profitable environment that is stress-free, effortless, and fun. Teamwork, scheduling, clinical efficiency, marketing, growth, profitability, and great lifestyle — these are topics we love and excel at with our clients!

Our coaching programs are tailored to your vision and goals, and we support you at every stage of practice ownership from startup to mid-career growth to maximizing practice value and owner equity.

Come to our booth to get our AAE show special of the lowest seminar tuition we offer. Save 50% on seminars, including our popular 2-day doctor and team seminar, “Mastering the Effortless Endodontic Practice” in Nashville this September!

We are also excited to sponsor the AAE Career Fair to help residents and new endodontists get started. Visit our Career Fair table to access free career-start resources, discover associate opportunities, or to find out about our coaching program for your startup or buy-in.

Visit our booth No. 437 to meet our team and network with other practice owners who have achieved incredible growth and success with Endo Mastery practice coaching.

Visit Endo Mastery at AAE Booth No. 437



Endodontic Practice Partners (EPP) — dynamic and focused

Endodontic Practice Partners (EPP) is a dynamic business exclusively focused on affiliating with premiere endodontic practices. EPP provides expertise and resources to help practices focus on their clinical core responsibilities — delivering high-quality, patient-centered care. We assist in streamlining operations, enhancing growth opportunities, and optimizing efficiencies to reach personal and professional goals. The challenge for most busy practices is the lack of time, resources, and personnel to execute a business strategy. We strategically grow within a state to enhance negotiating power with reimbursement rates, supplies, equipment, and more. Strength in numbers is the advantage of being a partner with EPP. We are seeking practices that want to be best in class, progressive, and have the advantage of being a part of a larger entity. Whether you are a solo or group practice, now is the time to consider an affiliation. Together, we lead the way.

Endodontic Practice Partners is a proud supporter of the AAE Annual Conference. Visit us at Booth No. 529 to learn what a partnership would look like for you. And be sure to stop by booth No. 829 to get an updated professional headshot at our sponsored headshot booth!

Visit Endodontic Practice Partners at AAE Booth No. 829



Kerr Dental

Kerr Dental, a renowned name in dental care, offers a range of Endodontic, Restorative, Rotary, and TotalCare products. Kerr has introduced several innovations in endodontics, including the minimally invasive ZenFlex™ NiTi Rotary Shaping File, elements™ IC obturation unit, and the new cordless motor elements™ Connect. Kerr also put the “K” in K-File, defining a new category of endo products found in most doctors’ practices.

We collaborate closely with our industry’s key opinion leaders to make sure we’re responding to the needs of doctors, practices, and their patients. “Kerr truly listens to the feedback from dentists and incorporates our input into their design. This results in products that are intuitive to use, drive workflow efficiencies, adapt to the doctor’s preferred techniques, and support improved patient outcomes with exceptional results,” says Dr. Matthew Miller, a member of Kerr’s Endodontic and Restorative Advisory Board.

Kerr Endodontics offers a comprehensive solution for endodontic procedures to address the needs of your practice. Stop by the Kerr Dental Booth No. 519, and see how we can help you save on your everyday products.

Visit Kerr Dental at AAE Booth No. 519



Luman Dental: Specialists in CBCT Technology

Family-owned and operated Luman Dental, LLC, has been assisting dental professionals in acquiring and utilizing CBCT imaging equipment since 2014. Founder Jeremy Luman has assisted endodontic practices with their implementation of CBCT imaging for the past decade. Thanks to his history of assisting in an endodontic practice, he has mastered all aspects of the practice, including chairside procedures, front-office billing and insurance, supply logistics, and marketing. Company COO Matt Sakaluk has 13 years of experience in dental imaging technologies. Together, they strive to meet the specific requirements of their specialty clients.

Around-the-clock customer service ensures that each practice gets the appropriate equipment and training to meet its unique needs. The company also offers small equipment sales with service plans for both lasers and CBCT machines. And, for those who want a change, Luman has a CBCT trade-in/buyback program. The company is a prominent nationwide dealer of CBCT imaging equipment, including trusted brands, JMorita, Prexion, and HDX Will.

Because of its excellence in installation, training, and ongoing technical support, Luman Dental has become a trusted partner for dental practices who want to enhance their capabilities. Whether it’s helping practitioners select the right CBCT equipment, ensuring seamless installation, or providing comprehensive training and support, Luman Dental is dedicated to helping dental professionals obtain technologies that lead to superior patient care.

Visit Luman Dental at AAE booth No.  128



Odne — transforming endo

 Visit our booth No. 747 to meet the Odne Team and get a first view and hands-on of our innovative Root Preservation Therapy (RPT) technology platform. Provide us with your feedback and discuss with us how Odne can become a practice builder for you.

Odne™Clean, saline cavitation — minimally invasive endodontic debridement

A cleaning tip as thin as 190µm creates a hydrodynamic cavitation cloud inside the root canal, using saline solution. The cavitation jet removes debris inside the canals and tubules. Depending on the clinical protocol, various cycles of Odne™Clean (30-60 sec.) are applied. Final disinfection is reached with a NaOCl rinse.

Odne™Fill, light-cured obturation — all-in-one endodontic filling material

This is the first FDA-cleared light-curing, injectable, single-component endodontic material for root canal obturation. Odne™Fill is a highly stable hydrogel. It forms a very tight interface with the hydrophilic dentin. Due to its water-like viscosity and the ultra-high hydrophilicity in its uncured state, it can reach the smallest endodontic structures.

Odne™Cure, high-precision laser curing — thinnest dental light-curing device

Odne™Cure is the micro-laser curing light to cure Odne™Fill directly in the root canal — equipped with the thinnest light conductor currently used in dental (220µm).

Odne’s Root Preservation Therapy (RPT) supports patient-friendly and economic treatment, minimizing postoperative pain, reducing chair time, and delivering long-standing restorations. Odne’s solutions offer excellent price value and affordability, enabling the endo leader to standardize the treatment workflow within its referral base. Referred retreatments will become easier, as the initial treatment preserves tooth structure. Removal of an obturation becomes less complex. Transforming the practice network to RPT with Odne enables successful practice building.

Visit Odne at AAE Booth No. 747



The GentleWave® G4 System

Beyond irrigation. Beyond clean.

The GentleWave System takes you beyond canal complexity that can hinder thorough disinfection and debridement.

Inside the console, the irrigant is thoroughly degassed, precisely diluted, and continuously refreshed. Next, it enters the sealed, closed-loop delivery system, where the system’s physics- accelerated chemistry becomes truly remarkable.

The GentleWave procedure is a more effective way of cleaning teeth, including hard-to-reach areas such as the apical thirds and complex anatomies of the root canal system:

  • Predictably removes up to 99.9% of biofilm1
  • Effectively disinfects and debrides undetected and intricate anatomies2,3
  • 4X – 8.5X greater penetration into dentinal tubules versus ultrasonic systems4
  • This can lead to better patient outcomes and deliver a more comfortable patient experience with reduced risk of complications:
  • 6% of patients report mild to no pain within 48 hours5 of the procedure
  • 7% 12-month healing rate6
  • Preserves the structural integrity of the tooth


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Test-drive a GentleWave G4 system at AAE Booth No. 701



Specialized Dental Partners

Champion of Specialists

As today’s dental specialists look to the future of their practices and careers, more are exploring the trend of practice partnerships — weighing the notion of a vibrant culture and community against a lucrative financial opportunity. At Specialized Dental Partners, we know the two go hand-in-hand.

Since 2018, Specialized Dental Partners has championed endodontists — building a community of over 300 premiere specialists that share our core values and are moved by our mission. Our culture is about growth in every aspect of our lives — from improving our communication skills to leadership training, to advanced clinical training courses, and beyond. “Specialized Dental Partners offers the chance to become not only a better endodontist, but also a better boss, a better spouse, and a better friend. What we are building is unique; I’m truly thrilled to get to be a part of it,” ~ Dr. Jeremy Young, Director of Partner Engagement.

You deserve a champion to support you in designing a future that surpasses expectations. We would love to join you on that journey.

We are proud to again be a Diamond Sponsor at AAE24. Come meet us at Booth No. 901 and enjoy:

  • An expansive lounge space to relax and chat with our doctors about life as a partner
  • A barista-manned coffee bar featuring made-to-order drinks and other treats
  • Multiple charging stations to keep your tech gadgets performance-ready
  • Live recordings of season three of our successful podcast, Specialized, (previously The Endo Files), and get a chance to tell your story on a future episode!
Visit Specialized Dental Partners at AAE Booth No. 901



Continuing our focus on serving specialists

Better Care. Better Business. Better Oral Health.

Specialty1 Partners remains the market-leading solution to meet the specific practice management needs of dental surgical specialists. Specialty1 Partners, the first dental surgical specialty organization founded by endodontists, has consistently achieved impressive growth, now providing support to over 225 locations across 28 states. This remarkable achievement is a testament to our continuous commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaborative efforts.

“As working endodontists juggling the complexities of treating patients and running successful practices, we saw first-hand the need for a truly doctor-focused partnership for dental specialists,” said Matthew Haddad, founder and co-CEO of Specialty1 Partners. “There are a lot of competitors that claim to be doctor-led and doctor-founded, but that simply isn’t the case, and it’s misleading to potential partners. Our vision, culture, and leadership all start with dental specialists. This has allowed us to significantly outperform others in the dental surgical specialty space.”

“Our focus every day is supporting our partners while continuing to build partnerships with industry-leading, innovative surgical specialists,” said Daryl Dudum, founder and co-CEO of Specialty1 Partners. “It’s not just about growing our network — it’s about helping partner practices grow organically and succeed on their terms.”

Reach out to discuss what Specialty1 Partners can do for you and your practice: www.Specialty1Partners.com.

Visit Specialty1 Partners at AAE Booth No. 819



SS White — landmark accomplishments

Albert Einstein once said, “Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master.” A tireless inventor, Samuel Stockton White, the founder of SS White Dental, meets these qualifications perfectly. A young dentist who started a business out of an attic in downtown Philadelphia making porcelain teeth, Mr. White never could have imagined his little “tooth factory” would grow to become one of the largest dental instrument manufacturers in the world.

From inventing the carbide bur to introducing the first single-use, sterile diamonds, here we highlight some of SS White’s landmark accomplishments in endodontics that have revolutionized minimally invasive dentistry. From the first — ORIGINAL minimally invasive endodontic file on the market, DCTaper®, in 2012 (formerly V-Taper) to the next generation NiTi file for those wanting to transition to a strong, yet flexible, MI file system, EXACTTaperH DC™ file system was designed with multiple tapers that cut dentin in specific canal zones, while utilizing a 0.8 mm maximum flute diameter for the highest level of pericervical dentin conservation to reduce the chance of over-preparation. MantaTM, a portable and compact precision handpiece motor, uses precision processing technology to minimize vibration and offers 8 hours of battery life on a fast, 2.5-hour charge. Its mini contra-angle head enhances visibility during root canals, while five programmable settings for speed and torque can be adjusted to meet clinicians’ needs and preferences.

Visit endo.sswhitedental.com.

Visit SS White at AAE Booth No. 648
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