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5 ways to help your practice reduce credit card processing fees

Matt Rej offers tips on how to mitigate the costs of accepting credit cards Credit cards are convenient for patients and medical practices alike. It’s easy for dentists and specialists to collect payments immediately following an appointment in a way that their patients prefer. This helps keep accounts receivables low and simplifies the medical billing

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Freedom Day USA

Dr. Lou Shuman discusses how a lifetime of freedom can be repaid by giving a day for free Every day, military men and women around the world are missing their families and risking their lives to protect our country. When they get back, despite their phenomenal service, they often quietly struggle to receive health and

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Contemporary treatment of Dens Invaginatus Type III

Drs. Iris Slutzky-Goldberg, Rotem Ophek, Dar Slutzky, and David Keinan explore the use of CBCT, ultrasonics, strict biomechanical preparation, and bioceramics for a specific condition Abstract Dens invaginatus is a rare developmental malformation of the tooth that mainly affects the permanent maxillary lateral incisors. Endodontic treatment might be challenging due to the complex canal anatomy

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Advancing endodontics

As we embark on another promising year in the field of endodontics, it’s crucial to explore the transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies in reshaping our practice landscape. In this introduction, we’ll delve into four key areas poised to revolutionize the way we diagnose, communicate with patients, optimize operatory ergonomics, and enhance clinical outcomes: artificial intelligence

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