Sealing the deal on simpler root canals

ZenSeal by Kerr brings more biocompatibility to the endodontic practice.

ZenSeal™ Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer features high flowability and excellent sealability with zero shrinkage, while also reducing material waste per application

”Biocompatibility — it’s where the future of dentistry is going,” said Dr. Joseph Milholm, a practicing endodontist in Knoxville, Tennessee. Having experienced the challenge of residual moisture in the root canal before filling, he recently found solace in using Kerr’s ZenSeal™ Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer to seal the deal on his endodontic procedures.

“One of the main reasons I switched to using a bioceramic sealer is not having to worry if we didn’t get every ounce of moisture out of the canal before filling it, since the sealer is hydrophilic,” Dr. Milholm said. “With ZenSeal, even if there is still some moisture down the canal, we can ensure a good seal.”

Excellent sealing and biocompatibility

ZenSeal is a premixed, easy-to-use sealer that provides an optimal biocompatible environment for root canal tissues. Following the removal of infected pulp, it can be immediately inserted into the root canal using a convenient, single-syringe delivery system with a disposable tip. Indicated for single cone or lateral condensation techniques, it adheres tightly to dentin and gutta percha with zero shrinkage.

“I think that ZenSeal checks off most of the boxes for what we want in a sealer,” said Dr. Milholm. “In my hands, it works exceptionally well.”

“After I have prepared and dried the canal, I thoroughly coat my cone with the sealer, push it down the canal and make it adhere to all the walls, place my cone, and seal it off at the orifice. Then, I use a plugger and pack it tight. It’s so quick and simple, and I feel confident it seals the canal well.”

“I feel like I get more cases out of a full ZenSeal bioceramic syringe than a lot of the other sealers that I have used before.”
— Dr. Joseph Milholm

Clinical and financial efficiency

Additionally, Dr. Milholm appreciates ZenSeal’s high flowability and radiopacity, as well as its effectiveness in reducing waste per application. “The syringe tip’s design facilitates the sealer’s delivery into the canal without so much waste,” he added. “I feel like I get more cases out of a full ZenSeal bioceramic syringe than a lot of the other sealers that I have used before, and those cost savings are another major plus. It also cleans up much more easily than other products.” Dr. Milholm concluded, “I haven’t had any patients return to my office with adverse reactions to ZenSeal. This is just a fantastic product, especially as dentistry continues its shift toward biocompatibility.”

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This article was originally published by Dental Product Shopper.

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Joseph Britton Milholm, DDS, is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has 29 years of experience, and his specialties include endodontics and general dentistry. He graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in 1995, completed GPR at UAB in 1996, and received his Certificate in Endodontics from UAB in 1998. He started his practice in 1998. Dr. Milholm also is an Assistant Professor of Endodontics at Lincoln Memorial University College of Dental Medicine and practices at Fountain City Endodontics. He is now head of the Department of Endodontics at the Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) Dental School.

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