ES Vac

ES Vac is the only single-handed apical negative pressure irrigation system on the market. Read more about the system here.

ES Vac is changing irrigation!

ES Vac is the ONLY single-handed apical negative pressure irrigation system on the market! ES Vac uses suction to pull irrigants down the canal of the tooth and out of the canal via the suction dual port cannula. Many companies have tried to make negative pressure irrigation simple and easy, but nothing comes close to the ease and clinical effectiveness of ES Vac.

Research shows that patients have less post-op pain when negative pressure irrigation is performed during their root canal therapy.1,2,3

Single-handed operation is like no other device on the market. Why? ES Vac’s ease-of-design the clinician can use ES Vac with ONE HAND!

ES Vac comes fully assembled!

ES Vac is the ONLY device on the market that comes preassembled. Gone are the days of having to “build” your irrigation device. ES Vac is ready to go right out of the pouch.

Simply plug in the suction connector to your Hi-Lo suction, fill the provided syringe with your irrigant, and lock your syringe onto irrigation/suction manifold, and you’re ready to clean!

All ES Vac devices have dual-port suction cannulas to ensure constant suction of debris. ES Vac comes in 23, 27, and 30 gauge suction cannulas for gross- to micro-debris removal.

No timely waiting — ES Vac is so effective you only need seconds per canal! Gone are the days of leaving your patients waiting for minutes with devices stuck in their mouths.

Proven technique with over a decade of research — negative pressure has been proven to work and has been a tried-and-true method for irrigation with over a decade of clinical research to support it.

ES Vac is changing irrigation! Read more about products that can bring improvements to your practice in our Product Profiles section.

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