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Dr. Eric Young talks about the ways that U.S. Endo Partners creates “aha moments.”

Dr. Eric Young discusses operating his practice with the help of fully informed, data-based decisions

As endodontists, stress is something we all sign up for. We know going in we will be providing medical care to someone in urgent need of treatment. Our rigorous training prepares us for an incalculable number of treatments and situations. We spend years learning the skills in order to practice our profession in the effort to be able to treat patients in need. Ultimately, many of us hope to own our own endodontic practice. The reality is that owning a practice is getting harder. Not only are we giving our patients the best endodontic care possible, but the demands of practice management and everything that comes along with it requires more of our time.

There are few, if any, classes offered to endodontists on practice management. There is a glaring absence of resources offered in team education or compliance issues regarding regulatory, legal, or patients. When starting our endodontic practice, Creekside Endodontics, my brother and I faced a steep learning curve that we would still be climbing without U.S. Endo Partners.

On the first day we joined U.S. Endo Partners, what they did was so simple but so crucial. It was rudimentary but exactly what we needed to take our practice to the next level. They simply asked us, “How can we help?”

Ultimately, U.S. Endo Partners support their doctors to allow them to focus on their patients. U.S. Endo Partners do not tell you what to do or how to run your business. They share their own best practices based on years of clinical experience throughout our partnership of 130-plus endodontists (and growing)!

One of the ways in which we benefited from this partnership was through their software and patient management systems. Doctors appreciate having an efficient tool to keep track of their practices. It allows them to make fully informed, data-based decisions. It gives endodontists more confidence in how they operate. If you own your own practice, you know how integral that is to operational success.

When doctors experience a better, more efficient way, they frequently experience a sense of rejuvenation in their practice. This carries over to their teams and their patients. Endodontists feel like they are doing things on a more efficient level that helps them to achieve more each day.

Success is contagious. When you minimize practice inefficiencies, not only do practices benefit as a whole, but ultimately and most importantly, our patients do too. We found that U.S. Endo Partners is comprised of specialists who understand the power of putting people in their sweet spot. That synergy of everyone working together is the magic formula. This is driving the feeling of confidence for the doctor to keep moving forward to free up the doctor.

I’ve spoken to many of my partners at U.S. Endo Partners about their experiences. The feedback has been nothing short of amazing. Some have called it an “aha moment.” Their lightbulb goes on. Their previous process was not wrong. The collaborative process of U.S. Endo Partners and their patient management system was just a better, more efficient way.

If you are interested in having your own “aha moment,” contact the professionals at U.S. Endo Partners. The feeling of rejuvenating your practice is worth it.

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Eric Young, DDS, graduated from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in 2007. He continued his education while serving our country in the United States Army. In 2008, he completed an Advanced General Dentistry residency and went on to serve tours in Egypt and Afghanistan with the 3rd Special Forces Group. Dr. Young finished his dental education at Harvard University School of Dental Medicine, where he received a postgraduate certificate in Endodontics.

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