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Endodontic Practice US provides endodontic continuing education and other valuable resources to help you build upon your expertise in endodontics. Our continuing education is updated regularly and accessible any time, from anywhere.
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A collaborative shift

Dr. Michael Winick’s endodontic odyssey with Specialized Dental Partners In the ever-evolving landscape of endodontics, stories emerge that transcend the routine narratives. Dr. Michael Winick, a seasoned endodontist, embarked on an unconventional path, entering endodontic residency at the age of 38, setting the stage for a remarkable career that found renewed vigor with Specialized Dental […]

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The Endo Files: the endodontic experts podcast

Specialized Dental Partners amplifying the voices of clinicians and industry insiders The Endo Files Podcast is a show for endodontists and other dental specialists looking to gain insights, education, and inspiration from their peers. Brought to you by Specialized Dental Partners (formerly US Endo Partners), each episode features a rich conversation between industry experts, highlighting

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