Dr. Mona Haghani finds work-life balance

With the help of Specialized Dental Partners, Dr. Mona Haghani has found a balance between her large practice and the needs of her family.

Dr. Mona Haghani puts a patient at ease before a root canal.

Specialized Dental Partners brings mentorship and guidance that allows this endodontic practice to grow

Dr. Mona Haghani is a smart, driven, and highly accomplished endodontist. And she’s quick to attribute her success to knowing the right time to lean on others for help and guidance.

Dr. Haghani is a partner at the Endodontic Center in Stoughton, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. A native of Iran, she moved to Canada at 17 and stayed until she completed her undergraduate studies. Dr. Haghani then moved to the states to attend dental school and complete her endodontic residency at Boston University.

During her residency at BU, Dr. Haghani was fortunate to work under the guidance of a faculty endodontist, Dr. Barry Jaye. He took her under his wing, partially because they shared a unique bond — both are left-handed. He recognized Dr. Haghani’s potential and mentored her extensively.

“He used to come to my bay and say, ‘Let me teach you how to do this right!’” Dr. Haghani recalls with a laugh. As luck would have it, Dr. Jaye was also the original owner of the Endodontic Center. “By the time I was ready to graduate, he was saying, ‘I taught you everything you know, so come and work with us.’ He brought me to this practice in 2017 and I’ve been here ever since.”

The young associate joined the Endodontic Center family and found that, not only could she lean on Dr. Jaye for help, but she could also count on established clinicians, Dr. Jose Hoyo and Dr. Maria Hoyo as teachers and mentors.

“It was a true private surgery course for me,” Dr. Haghani says. “I would get into cases and have trouble, so I would pick their brains, and Maria sat next to me and assisted with surgery. It gave me confidence, and I grew exponentially that first year.”

Just 2 short years later, in 2019, Dr. Haghani took charge as the third owner of the 40-year-old practice, determined to protect its stellar reputation and maintain its legacy in the community.

Dr. Haghani says their practice is unique due to their unwavering commitment to patient needs and their referring offices. They prioritize comfort and security, ensuring that patients leave with a positive experience. To that end, the Endodontic Center added a periodontist to their team roster in 2020.

Dr. Mona Haghani (L) with her practice partner and teacher, Dr. Maria Hoyo (R).

“It makes the process really easy and streamlined for the patient,” Dr. Haghani says. “If a patient is in my chair, numb, and the tooth needs to come out, we don’t refer them out and give them more hoops to jump through.” Looking ahead, Dr. Haghani envisions a fully integrated practice with several specialties under one roof and believes adding an oral surgeon is the next logical step.

Dr. Haghani is more than just an accomplished, forward-thinking endodontist — she’s a mother to two children, ages 6 and 3, which has played a key role in her recent professional decisions.

“This is a very large practice. I have two little kids, and for me to manage both life and the practice, I needed to find a balance — I needed help,” Dr. Haghani remembers. Help came in the form of joining Specialized Dental Partners, a Specialty Dental Service Organization that champions endodontists, periodontists, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and believes wholeheartedly in the integrated care philosophy, in 2021.

“The difference in my personal life is huge — my stress level has completely changed,” she says. “I’m home early enough to spend time with my kids.”

“I have a real balance now. I can be a professional; I can be endodontist and a great clinician, but I’m a mother first right now. I could not have that without Specialized Dental.”

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Mona Haghani, DMD, graduated cum laude from Boston University School of Dental Medicine (BU). She then pursued post-doctoral training and received her Certificate of Specialty in Endodontics as well as Master of Science in Endodontics from BU. Dr. Haghani was named a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics in 2019 and is also a Fellow at Royal College of Dentists of Canada. Her research was awarded from the American Association of Endodontists, where she studied cone beam computed tomography use in endodontics. Dr. Haghani is a member of the American Dental Association, a Specialist Member of the American Association of Endodontists, and the Massachusetts Dental Society. Outside of endodontics, Dr. Haghani’s passions include yoga, skiing, and above all, spending time with her family.


Disclosure: Dr. Mona Haghani is a partner of Specialized Dental Partners.

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