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Ultradent Pledges Up to $30,000 to Victims of Pulse Nightclub Massacre in Orlando, Florida

ultra-dent-logoSOUTH JORDAN, Utah, June 14, 2016– Ultradent Products, Inc., has announced they will donate 5% of the company’s U.S. sales on Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17, up to $30,000, to the Equality Florida’s Pulse Victims Fund following the tragic massacre this past Sunday morning in Orlando.

Of the violent attack—which claimed the lives of 49 people and injured 53 others before law enforcement fatally shot the attacker—Dr. Fischer, founder and CEO of Ultradent said, “Once again, we are reminded that we are a country at war. But this terrorist upped the ante by targeting a group of our fellow Americans who bring no oppression to others. They are our sons and daughters who are simply singled out, oppressed, even persecuted simply because of who they are. This is so wrong! This is NOT what America is about! We must band together as Americans and do everything in our power to counter such craziness, be it here at home, and/or by extremists anywhere who preach and enact hate against all others.”

He went on to say, “The victims are our sons, daughters, and family members at all levels. Our hearts and prayers are with them.”

Last, Dr. Fischer, in his statement called for appropriate action to be taken by our nation’s top government officials, quoting Albert Einstein in saying “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

He concluded by calling back to Ultradent’s Core Values, encouraging all people to “have courage and do the right thing!”

Showing one of Ultradent’s Core Values, Care, the company frequently donates to the Utah Food Bank, to various national and international dental humanitarian missions, and has made significant donations to national and international disaster and crisis victims, including Typhoon Haiyan, Hurricane Sandy, the Haiti Earthquake, flooding in Japan, and the recent earthquake in Ecuador.


About Ultradent Products, Inc.

Ultradent Products, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials, devices, and instruments worldwide. Ultradent’s vision is to improve oral health globally. Ultradent also works to improve the quality of life and health of individuals through financial and charitable programs. For more information about Ultradent, call 800.552.5512 or visit ultradent.com.

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