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Brasseler USA® Introduces KontrolFlex™ NiTi Rotary Files

Powered by Brasseler USA’s Exclusive Controlled Memory Technology

EPUS_Brasseler_KontrolFlex-Rotary-File-600x300Savannah, GA (June 13, 2016) – Brasseler USA®, a leading manufacturer of innovative, quality dental instrumentation, is pleased to introduce KontrolFlex™ NiTi rotary files. Equipped with Brasseler USA’s patented new Controlled Memory technology, KontrolFlex NiTi rotary files are the ideal choice for challenging curved canals as well as hard-to-reach areas of the tooth due to calcification.

Brasseler’s new and innovative Controlled Memory technology strengthens the properties of KontrolFlex to allow the files to be pre-curved yet highly resistant to cyclic fatigue, unlike other “Controlled Memory” files on the market that can experience a drastic reduction in cutting efficiency as a result of softened metal. Designed with several performance-enhancing features, KontrolFlex strikes the perfect balance between cutting efficiency and safety for a powerfully precise yet minimally invasive performance.

“The KontrolFlex file was initially developed to meet the needs of endodontic specialists who encounter extremely difficult curved and calcified cases,” remarked Mike McLaughlin, National Manager–Endodontics at Brasseler USA. “We are very pleased to offer a flexible and durable file that can not only be used as a stand-alone shaping system but can also be implemented as an adjunct file for difficult clinical situations such as extreme curvatures of the canals, calcified cases, or hard-to-reach areas.”

As with all Brasseler USA rotary files, all KontrolFlex file surfaces are treated with Brasseler’s exclusive proprietary electropolished finish. The electropolished treatment further improves resistance to cyclic and torsional fatigue often associated with the long-term use of dental rotary files.

In addition, an extensive range of tip sizes and tapers are available that enable dental professionals to quickly incorporate KontrolFlex files to best meet individual treatment requirements.

For more information about the new KontrolFlex and to learn more about all Brasseler USA products and services, please visit www.BrasselerUSA.com or call 800-841-4522 today for a free no-obligation in-office demo.

About Brasseler USA®

Brasseler USA® is a leading ISO Certified healthcare company, providing quality instrumentation to healthcare professionals for use in restorative dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, and oral hygiene. Over the past 40 years, Brasseler USA has developed a reputation as an innovative market leader in diamonds, carbides, polishers, endodontics, hand instruments, and handpieces. Today, Brasseler USA offers the most comprehensive assortment of instruments and power systems under one brand in North America. For more information, please visit www.BrasselerUSA.com.

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