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Endo1 Partners takes the stress of management off of your plate and connects you with an endodontist network eager to share insights on new materials, techniques and trends.

Founders, Endo1 Partners

The original and fastest-growing endodontic partnership organization, owned and led by endodontists

Imagine being able to solely focus on the “practice” part of your endodontic practice. Endo1 Partners empowers endodontists like you to do just that — and helps you to achieve all your business goals.

The only endodontic partnership organization led by endodontists

Endo1 Partners is the original, fastest-growing Endodontic Partnership Organization (EPO) dedicated to supporting endodontists. The EPO was founded and is led by practicing endodontists Matthew Haddad, DMD; Daryl Dudum, DDS; Mark Haddad, DDS; and Darron Rishwain, DDS. As an EPO that is endo-owned and endo-run, Endo1 Partners understands the unique needs of endodontists.

“We established Endo1 Partners in October 2019 with just six locations and operations in Texas and California, and after receiving great interest in 2020, we experienced rapid growth across multiple markets,” said Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Daryl Dudum. “We formed new partnerships with 31 endodontic practices, added 53 new endodontists to our platform, and expanded into six new states last year. Looking ahead, we expect to continue to grow our network.”

Endo1 Partners hopes to add 50 locations to its network in 2021 and partner with more endodontists, in both new and existing markets, in building a world-class organization that they can count on for best-in-class resources and support. The first-of-its-kind EPO helps partners streamline, optimize, and improve their practices, so they can focus on what matters most — providing high-quality care to patients.

Run your practice in the most productive, advantageous way

Endo1 Partners takes the stress of practice management off your plate, so you can spend more time doing what you love. The EPO offers a full suite of business and operational support services that will reduce your administrative burden, increase efficiency, and prioritize growth.

Available services include accounting, billing and collection, business development, compliance, human resources, marketing, and payor negotiation. Endo1 Partners gives you the flexibility to choose which of these services you need to run a successful practice. Plus, their team will spend time with you and get to know you to determine how Endo1 Partners can support your success.

“As a member of the Endo1 Partners network, you will have access to our centralized services and shared back-office support as well as group benefits and discounts,” said Founding Partner and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Matthew Haddad. “We also provide access to specialized training, credentialing, cutting-edge equipment, and the latest industry information, including best practices from endodontic practices just
like yours.”

Continue to improve your skills and to enhance your practice

Dr. Craig Hoffmann of Wichita Endodontics felt the access to innovative clinical materials and collaboration among a network of like-minded endodontists were key advantages that other partnership organizations did not offer. That is why he chose to partner with Endo1 Partners in December 2020.

According to Dr. Hoffmann, “You can tie in cooperatively with any endodontist in the network for materials, new techniques, and new trends in the industry. You can also discuss problems that you are having. I think it keeps you relevant in this age where everything is being consolidated, and it ensures you’re not going to be passed by.”

Partnering with Endo1 Partners allows you to receive all the benefits of joining a larger group of dental professionals while maintaining control of your business. Partners retain a considerable amount of equity in their practices and remain in control of their practice’s brand, culture, and team. Most importantly, partners have complete clinical autonomy.

With access to exclusive resources, shared services, and a wealth of support, you can prosper on your terms — with the support of other incredible partners — as you take your practice to the next level.

Let Endo1 Partners help you to succeed

If you are an endodontist looking to partner with a network of like-minded endodontists you can trust, contact Endo1 Partners at info@endo1partners.com, or call 305-206-7388 to learn how the EPO can support you in your ongoing success. With the support of Endo1 Partners, there is nothing you can’t do!


This information was provided by Endo1 Partners.

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