TRUShape® 3D Conforming Files and Orifice Modifiers

Saving more teeth by saving more tooth

1200x600-TRUShapeRetaining the natural dentition is an undeniable part of long-term oral health. Every day, endodontists work to save teeth in ways only specialists can, with new and advanced technologies that continually improve the standard of care. Canal anatomy is truly complex, and a significant amount of dentin is inevitably lost in the process of removing infected pulp and debriding canal walls. Now, endodontists have another sophisticated tool for achieving predictable clinical outcomes — TRUShape 3D® Conforming Files — a revolutionary advancement in root canal therapy from DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties.

TRUShape 3D Conforming Files allow clinicians to preserve more tooth structure — often removing up to 36% less dentin compared to conventional instrumentation techniques while removing the pulp and debris along the root canal. The file’s design enables it to create a predictable apical shape, while producing 32% less apical transportation than conventional ISO-prepared canals.1

TRUShape files have a proprietary design that resembles an “S,” which gives the file a unique ability to flex within the canal rotation and allows it to conform to the anatomy to reduce the amount of tooth structure removed versus conventional ISO rotary. In addition to conforming to the canal, this design creates an envelope of motion that better disrupts polymicrobial biofilms in mesial roots of lower molars, leaving significantly less bacteria when compared to conventional ISO rotary file systems.2

“Retaining the natural dentition is the ultimate goal of any dentist because the profession recognizes that there is no substitute for the real thing,” said Dan Ammon, PhD, Research and Development Director for DENTSPLY Tulsa. “TRUShape 3D Conforming Files are designed to preserve more dentin while contacting up to 75% of the canal and improving the disruption of polymicrobial biofilms within canals, resulting in bacteria reduction when compared to conventional ISO rotary file systems.”

dentsply-trushape-3d-conforming-fileThe TRUShape 3D Conforming File is a very technique-specific instrumentation sequence that is designed to be used in conjunction with TRUShape Orifice Modifiers to create an ideal receptacle for the introduction of the conforming file. The orifice modifiers feature an active cutting cross section, a fluted length of 7 mm, maximum fluted diameter of .75 mm, and NiTi for strength and flexibility. TRUShape 3D Conforming Files are sold four per pack and are available in tip sizes 20, 25, 30, and 40 and lengths of 21 mm, 25 mm, and 31 mm.

TRUShape is designed for use by endodontic specialists, and training is required prior to utilizing the instruments in a clinical setting. Discover the TRUShape difference and receive free CE training at

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This information was provided by DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties.

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