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asi-momentum-chairASI has just released a new microscope chair as part of its complete ergonomic solution, complementing its delivery systems.

ASI’s new specialty microscope chair is uniquely designed with an adjustable front seat angle that works in conjunction with the backrest for a customized fit to the operator. This allows the operator to create his/her preferred balance of support from the thighs to the spine without rounding or overloading the spine. The adjustable front seat angle can also allow closer proximity to the patient without reducing back support — the ideal ergonomic configuration. Two styles of armrests are available to further create a customized experience.

Designed in accordance with the McKenzie Method® of Therapy

“The McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT) is an approach that is trusted by clinicians and patients all over the world to treat common back, neck, and extremity joint pain.

Most musculoskeletal pain is mechanical in origin, meaning that everyday movements and postures cause pain over time. Through a systematic evaluation of his patients, New Zealand physiotherapist Robin McKenzie found that certain movements and postures can often abolish pain and restore function.”* This ideology is incorporated into the Momentum™ line’s design.

*From the McKenzie website. For more information on the McKenzie Method and Therapy, visit

Anatomy of the ASI Microscope Chair — 5 key benefits

  1. The design of the chair facilitates sitting higher to increase the hip angle from a standard 90 degrees to 110 degrees. This transfers weight from the seat to the legs, thereby reducing pressure on the discs of the back. The simple change of sitting higher and opening the hip angle can transfer up to 25% of a person’s weight from their back to their legs.
  2. A common tendency is to sit forward on the edge of the seat, which causes the back to be unsupported and causes a slouching curvature of the back, which can cut off proper circulation to the legs. The Momentum features a unique hydraulically controlled, adjustable front seat angle that can be set to the operator’s desired setting. This motion lets the operator remain seated comfortably at the back of the chair and receive optimal back support, while maintaining excellent proximity to patients. The seat angle can be adjusted in conjunction with the seat height and front angle to the operator’s preference.
  3. The adjustable backrest provides increased support and positioning. Unlike other seat styles that have a wide support with a concave shape, the ASI backrest is a narrower width with a convex shape to fit and support the curvature of the spine even in a relaxed position. The backrest is mounted on specialized rubber bushings that aid in stretching the back yet support the back fully when sitting normally. The backrest can be adjusted forward into the depth of the chair to fit operator preference.
  4. The armrests are designed to support the weight of the arms during procedures, reducing stress on the neck. Two styles of armrests are available: a padded cushion style for more elbow support and a telescoping cradle for enhanced forearm support. Adjustable vertically and horizontally, the telescoping version can swivel, maintaining support even while performing Class III movements.
  5. The slip and stain-resistant, sewn upholstery is available in many colors to complement your current or new design.

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This information was provided by ASI Medical.

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