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Dr. Charles Goodis

To maintain your practice success, you must be able to control your overhead and cut costs. Overhead can be like cancer — it wants to grow and spread.

We all realize that endodontics is becoming more competitive with root canal reimbursements decreasing and patients finding it harder to pay their part of the cost. Endodontists are struggling and making all-time low profits. In this environment, overhead control clearly becomes a major factor — not only for our success but also for our survival.

With an aging population, the demand for advanced endodontic files will increase and result in more overhead cost. As endodontists, our operating cost is a choice, made by decisions we make or don’t make. Without a proper business plan, high expenses will invade and spread into our profits. Accommodating for more patients could be financially easier when file costs are low; the benefit of being able to save $10,000 to $30,000 per year on endodontic file costs cannot be overstated. If these savings are invested properly, the result could be millions of dollars of extra income over the course of your career.

EdgeEndo’s research, development, and testing show that its endodontic NiTi files manufactured and sold are better than what endodontists are currently using, and the files cost half the price of competing files, saving tens of thousands of dollars per year and reducing overhead cost. Also, with EdgeEndo® files, you don’t need to buy in bulk, tying up thousands of dollars of your money on inventory that sits on your shelves instead of earning you more money.

Technological innovations and advancements in heat treatment have so profoundly increased NiTi file performance that endodontists can now perform procedures that were unimaginable with standard nickel-titanium files. But taking advantage of these advancements doesn’t necessarily come at a cost. In fact, EdgeEndo’s proprietary technology creates manufacturing efficiencies that offer superior NiTi files at a fraction of traditional prices. Also, many of the file systems are designed as direct replacements for your current systems. Since you don’t need to change techniques, the switch is seamless and cost-effective.

Endodontists will see a vast difference in monthly-yearly cost, avoiding unnecessary financial troubles. Together, we can move faster to prevent these issues from happening and succeed in today’s endodontic market.

Dr. Charles Goodis

Dr. Charles Goodis received his DDS from the University of Michigan, his GPR residency at the University of Minnesota, and his Endodontic residency at the University of Connecticut. His undergraduate major at the University of Michigan was Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Goodis has dedicated his career to constantly improving the root canal procedure, making it safer, simpler, and more efficient. His findings led him to create more effective root canal instruments and procedures. The instruments are marketed to dentists and endodontists around the world, and he conducts national seminars on advanced (safer, simpler, faster, painless) root canal procedures. Dr. Goodis also served as a commissioned officer in the Indian Health Service as Chief Dentist at the Fort Berthold Reservation.

Disclosure: Dr. Goodis is founder and owner of EdgeEndo®.

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