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Van Carlson: Strategic Risk Alternatives

Van Carlson, CEO of Strategic Risk Alternatives discusses the Dental Protection Plan and its difference and beneficial characteristics relative to existing traditional insurance products. Benefits discussed include patient acceptance, tax advantages, closing gaps in existing coverages, among many others.

Van Carlson Headshot
Van Carlson has an extensive background in Risk Management with more than 24 years in the industry. Prior to founding Strategic Risk Alternatives, Van ran his own property and casualty firm for 15 years. With many commercial business owners as his clients, he saw the Great Recession of 2008 hit hard, and just like them, he was also affected by the sharp downturn in our economy. During this time, he realized there must be a better way to manage risk overall. From that desire to improve business operations for both himself and his clients, along with his extensive background in insurance, risk management, and finance, Strategic Risk Alternatives was formed.

Since its start in 2008, several changes in US Government regulations have allowed the business to thrive – substantiating what Van already believed in: businesses needed a better solution to mitigate risk and create a war chest for the future. In 2013, increases in domiciles allowed the company’s success to skyrocket – with double digit growth year over year – and it’s only just begun.

As CEO, Van is an innovator, developing SRA products for a variety of industries that can take advantage of adding additional revenues while mitigating risk at the same time. By delivering institutional-type ideas to small-and-mid sized business owners, SRA positions it’s clients at the forefront of their industry, offering robust marketing motivators and customer retention program.

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In today’s ever changing environment, it’s important for any successful business to develop a competitive advantage in the marketplace and mitigate the risks that come along with day to day practice operations. The dental industry is no different.

At Strategic Risk Alternatives, our purpose is to deliver business owners turnkey risk management solutions with the highest standards of integrity and compliance. Our business is to establish and manage successful insurance companies, so that our clients can continue to be successful through ever-changing climates.

Over the years, increasing overhead costs and reduction of health benefits has eroded profits. Customers are also looking for added benefits when choosing a dental practice and, with the amount of competition in the marketplace, customer retention is becoming increasingly difficult. The Dental Protection Plan (DPP) was created with these things in mind.

Learn More: https://www.strategicriskalternatives.com/dpp/

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