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Nathan Jones: Xlear: The Dental Benefits of Xylitol

Nathan Jones, Founder and Owner of Xlear, discusses the positive dental and health benefits of Xylitol and how clinicians can incorporate Xylitol into their practices.


Nathan Jones

After studying at university and working as a commercial diver, Nathan Jones started Xlear Inc. to produce and distribute his father’s patented xylitol nasal spray. The company quickly found success and grew to having three brands Xlear Sinus Care, Spry Dental Defense, and Natural Sweeteners. In 2008 Utah Business awarded Nathan with the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

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Since it was formed in 2000, Xlear Inc. (pronounced “clear”) has been recognized as the leading manufacturer of xylitol-based products in North America. The company’s goal is simple: to provide simple and cost-effective prevention so people can live healthy and fulfilling lives.

From the beginning, Xlear Inc. has been the industry leader in providing the newest innovations in drug-free sinus care through its Xlear brand. Xlear Inc. has also developed an oral care product line, branded as Spry. As a leading brand, Spry is dedicated to helping its users have a healthy smile and enabling them to live a happy, on-the-go lifestyle.

Learn more: https://xlear.com/

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