Introducing ASI’s Ergo iTech™ Cart

Streamlining office technology with your delivery system

The Ergo iTech™ is the newest cart in ASI’s Advanced Endodontic delivery system lineup. Its integral compartment provides numerous new features, enabling it to house auxiliary equipment such as computers and interconnecting cables on board and out of sight. Hidden interior pathways conceal cables for a mounted monitor.

ProdProf-ASIProduct History

ASI’s Advanced Endodontic Systems® are designed modularly, making them fully customizable. Users get their choice of instruments and instrument location, with operation from a single foot control. Further customization is achieved by adding accessories such as instrument trays, a monitor mount, and CPU shelf. Choose caster size, color, work surface, and more. As technology has become paramount in the office environment, there has been an increase in the popularity of our monitor mounts and CPU shelves. The need to offer our clients a more advanced solution has become clear. Thorough research has led us to develop the Ergo iTech™ cart, an Advanced Endodontic System® designed to neatly house instruments as well as technology, without cords and cables cluttering the operatory. Features include:

  • A slide-out panel for water bottles is accessible from both sides of the unit for easy access.
  • A door-mounted shelf for holding miniature auxiliary equipment.
  • Dual internal-cooling fans for maintaining operational temperatures.
  • Dedicated electrical power input separate from delivery system instruments.
  • Upper post umbilical for neatly running cables from compartment to monitor.
  • ProdProf-ASI2Dual USB connections for easy device access.
  • Network cable in the unit umbilical.
  • Articulating monitor mount for easy positioning.
  • Enclosure nook for holding additional tabletop instruments such as obturation devices and charging stations.
  • Optional convenience outlet for connecting external instruments to the main foot control.
  • Optional newly designed color-coded Dual Ultrasonic Controller synergistically unites power settings with tip selection.


ProdProf-ASI1About ASI

ASI is the leading developer of specialized portable dental units and integrated delivery systems, as well as unique instruments for the modern office. Since 1994, ASI has developed a diversified product line and continues to create innovative solutions that are models for the industry and manufactured in the United States. Our clients prefer a total solution to satisfy their delivery system needs. From portable dental units to more advanced endodontic systems, ASI’s modular design and personalized service allow units to be customized for each client’s specifications.

This information was provided by ASI.

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