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Two Fluorescent Whitening Systems, for whiter teeth In-office and At-home

RACINE, WI – Vista Dental Products has recently expanded its line of tooth whitening products which includes Fluorescent™ EXpress White, an in-office whitening system, and Fluorescent™, for Doctor supervised take–home whitening.

When supervised and done correctly with a proper whitening agent, teeth whitening systems are one of the simplest and most profitable cosmetic procedures for the dental practice. It is ideal for patients who have healthy, unrestored teeth and healthy gums who would like a brighter smile.

Fluorescent™ EXpress White is packaged as an easy-to-use (no mixing required), complete single procedure kit that contains everything needed for immediate whitening.  A powerful non-light activated in-office whitening system containing a 35% hydrogen peroxide gel, Fluorescent™ EXpress White works fast to whiten patients’ teeth in just one office visit.

For take-home whitening, the original Fluorescent™ comes in convenient syringes that are easy for the patient to continue to apply at home. Fluorescent™ is a clear viscous gel and offered in either 16% or 22% carbamide peroxide formulas. The higher percentage formula provides the same outstanding results while increasing patient comfort through a shorter user wear time.

Available in two great flavors, mint and citrus, Fluorescent™ also contains fluoride which helps lower sensitivity, and is packaged in either convenient Doctor or Refill kits in 16% and 22% formulas.

Closing “boilerplate” paragraph “About Vista Dental….” touting company overview and depth of product line and quality of products….For over 20 years Vista Dental Products have been offering hundreds of top quality dental products. Fluorescent™ and Fluorescent™ EXpress White are additional examples of product innovation and Vista’s dedication to the industry. To find out more information, visit vista-dental.com or call 877-418-4782.

CONTACT: Nick Pond, Product Manager

Direct: (262) 631-5310 l npond@vista-dental.com

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