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Palmero Launches Tension Relief Band To Expand Practitioner Support

Palmero Launches Tension Relief Band To Expand Practitioner Support

Stratford, CT – Palmero Healthcare, a Hu-Friedy subsidiary, is pleased to introduce a tension relief band that works to enhance the physical and mental well-being of dental practitioners. CaRing Tension Relief Bands are a flexible and convenient way to soothe the sore, achy fingers that plague many professionals. The company hopes to eliminate finger fatigue and promote hand care maintenance, which can improve overall stress management and well-being.

CaRing Tension Relief Bands (Ref #3810) are designed to alleviate hand and finger pain that often results from repetitive work. Each band contains tiny triangular-shaped points that apply light pressure to the fingers. CaRing Bands were inspired from acupressure techniques that have been used on achy muscles for thousands of years. As the practitioner rolls the band from the tip of the finger to the metacarpophalangeal joint, the points on the band provide pressure that stimulates circulation and releases tension that has been building in the finger muscles throughout the day. The flexible and convenient design allows the band to be used within or outside of clinical settings.

To learn more about CaRing Tension Relief Bands, or other innovative Palmero products, please visit palmerohealth.com, email customerservice@palmerohealth.com, or call 800.344.6424.

About Palmero Healthcare

Palmero Healthcare has been committed to bringing a wide range of infection prevention products such as hospital-level disinfectants, barrier products, and safety products to the dental community since 1957. With quality and reliable dental products, Palmero’s goal is to become the recognized leader in infection prevention and safety products. We take pride in knowing that our legacy will continue to expand and flourish as a Hu-Friedy subsidiary where our MISSION is to provide infection prevention and safety products that protect clinicians, patients, and the practice.

Palmero Healthcare LLC PRESS RELEASE

Customer Care: customerservice@palmerohealth.com For Immediate Release

Media Contact: Rachel Trautvetter, rtrautvetter@palmerohealth.com August 2019

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