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Nobio receives FDA Clearances for Infinix™ Flowable and Bulk Fill Composites

Nobio receives FDA Clearances for Infinix™ Flowable and Bulk Fill Composites

Dental restoratives incorporating Nobio’s patented technology for maintaining restoration integrity and protecting against degradation by bacteria over time.

Tel-Aviv, Israel (August 02, 2019) — Nobio’s Infinix™ advanced dental restoratives – Flowable Composite and Bulk Fill Flow Composite – received U.S. FDA clearance to market. Dental composite restoratives are used to treat tooth decay by filling the cavities with material designed to match the patient’s natural tooth shade and strength. These are the first FDA cleared products incorporating Nobio’s patented QASi particle technology, for maintaining restoration integrity and protecting against degradation by bacteria over time. Two other Infinix products with QASi technology are pending FDA clearance, the Universal Composite, and the Universal Bond, which has an antibacterial cavity cleansing effect.

More than 200 million tooth restorations are performed each year in the U.S. only, most of them to replace existing restorations that fail due to bacteria that penetrate the tooth-restoration interface (e.g. the micro-gap between the restoration and tooth, a common site of recurrent decay). The estimated annual cost of replacement dentistry is over $5 billion in the U.S. alone. Recurrent decay may eventually lead to tooth loss.

QASi particles (quaternary ammonium silica-dioxide) are a member of Nobio’s family of antimicrobial particles. These particles combine a high concentration of antimicrobial molecules which are covalently bound to a solid core, forming an insoluble, potent, long-lasting antimicrobial structure. The antimicrobial effect occurs only when bacteria contact the material containing these particles, offering significant advantages versus traditional approaches relying on the release of antimicrobial molecules, which eventually deplete and may affect also normal flora. Nobio particles have a long-term effect because they are retained in the filling material following polymerization and are insoluble. Long-term antimicrobial protection and a stable molecular structure are especially important in dental restorations which are intended to remain in the oral environment for decades.

“We’ve been waiting a long time for innovation in the field of composite restorations to preserve the integrity and improve the longevity of restorations. This is particularly important in posterior teeth”, commented John Flucke, DDS, Chief Dental Editor and Technology Editor for Dental Products Report. “Preventing recurrent decay is one of the greatest priorities of everyday dentistry. A non-releasing antimicrobial that may act long-term is a promising approach and we look forward to working with these exciting new flowable and bulk fill composites from Nobio and learning how they may benefit our patients.”

Clinical studies demonstrating that the presence of QASi in these products improves clinical outcomes have not been conducted. However, clinical studies on a predecessor version of QASi, the QPEI particle (quaternized polyethylene-imine), showed strong antibacterial effect in vivo when incorporated into different dental materials. Two other clinical studies have been initiated in the U.S. and Israel to demonstrate the potential benefit and duration of the antimicrobial effect of the Nobio QASi technology used in the Infinix product line.

Nobio is offering an accredited Continuing Educations (CE) course featuring the Infinix technology to be held on September 6th, at upcoming American Dental Association annual meeting in San Francisco. Attendees may register for the course at www.world-dental-congress.org. Nobio is also evaluating strategic relationships with several major dental industry companies for the Infinix composite line and technology licensing in preparation for a launch later in 2019. For more information, visit www.infinix.com.

About Nobio

Nobio Ltd. is an advanced materials science company offering novel antimicrobial products and solutions. The health and economic burden of bacteria is enormous, and in three decades, resistant bacteria may kill more people than all cancers combined. Bacteria cause infections mostly by colonizing and forming biofilms on surfaces of almost any product or solid material. Nobio’s breakthrough particle-based technology transforms common materials to antimicrobial, keeping them free of bacterial colonization and biofilm, indefinitely. Nobio is now focused on dental applications, where bacteria are the leading cause for failure of most treatments, and medical devices, which are linked with most healthcare associated infections, one of the 10 top causes of deaths in developed countries. For more information, visit www.nobio.com

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