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Keep it real with today’s patients

The information technology now on our desks, in our pockets, vehicles, and elsewhere has empowered us all to be uber-informed consumers. And that means an unprecedented value is being placed on options — new, better alternative routes to get us where we really want to be.

Could there be a more exciting time for endodontists — specialists in saving teeth — to give both their referral base and patients a technology-based tooth-saving option?

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is the endodontic standard — even as dental professionals move toward implant-supported crowns.

According to a 2013 survey in the Journal of Endodontics, endodontists stated a preference for standard root canal treatment (RCT) when presented with four different clinical scenarios. When compared with endodontists, all other dental specialties expressed a higher preference for implant-supported crowns, and that preference increased as the tooth required repeated RCT.1

But what would your patients really prefer?

A recent Journal of Endodontics survey indicated that 90% of patients2 placed a high value on tooth retention — saving their natural tooth was second only to communication and trust. And when you combine this data with patient survey3 data reflecting a high level of apprehension about RCT, it’s no surprise that people are asking about an alternative to both treatments — one that lets them keep their natural teeth.

Patients are interested in a RCT alternative that lets them keep their real teeth.

Sonendo® developed the GentleWave® System, in part, to meet the growing need for options. Via online patient polls,3 Sonendo has been listening to people as they share their opinions about these standard treatment options. People want to keep their natural teeth, and standard root canal treatments cause most potential patients at least some degree of concern. That’s in keeping with similar findings from the American Association of Endodontists and the Journal of Endodontics.4

The GentleWave® System: Sonendo’s solution to keeping it real.

The GentleWave System uses procedure fluids to deliver unprecedented cleaning and disinfection throughout the root canal system,5,7 helping to preserve the natural tooth and guard against standard RCT failure.6 It’s a higher standard of clean that’s minimally invasive5 — and a procedure that can usually be completed in one session.6 The broad spectrum acoustic energy and advanced fluid dynamics have the power to reach even the most complex anatomies and remove tissue debris, bacteria, biofilm, and smear layer.5,7

And 2017 marks the introduction of the GentleWave anterior/premolar procedure instrument — enabling endodontists to seamlessly integrate an expanded scope of care to more patients.

Figure 3: (left) New anterior/premolar procedure instrument. (right) Molar procedure instrument

Multisonic Ultracleaning™ technology works by delivering a broad spectrum of acoustic energy and creating a powerful vortex of procedure fluids that clean the entire root canal system from crown to apex. It is measurably superior to standard treatment, while still preserving more tooth structure.5 In addition, Multisonic Ultracleaning technology can dissolve organic tissue 7 times faster than standard endodontic systems.8

In addition to detaching and dissolving debris and tissue, the advanced fluid dynamics and chemistry that are essential to Multisonic Ultracleaning give you the power to thoroughly disinfect even complex anatomies.5,7 Smear layer is effectively removed, as is the biofilm that can form in the root canal system within weeks of the initial standard treatment7 — and which can lead to reinfection.

Multisonic Ultracleaning is statistically more effective than standard treatment, even in the apical third and areas of anatomical complexities within the root canal system.5 Multisonic Ultracleaning technology is only available with Sonendo’s GentleWave System, and since its introduction, patients and endodontists everywhere have been impressed.

The GentleWave System:  Preserving teeth and practice growth.

Standard RCT? Implant? It doesn’t have to be an either/or scenario for you, your referrals, or your patients. At Sonendo.com you can see the many ways the GentleWave System gives you dynamic options to address the real concerns of today’s patients and preserve the healthy growth of your practice.

Interested to learn more contact Sonendo at 844.SONENDO (766.3636)

This information was provided by Sonendo®.

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