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High Five Endo’s motto, Better, Stronger, Together, reflects its technology and software advancements and compelling suite of services and resources for endodontists.

Entrepreneurial spirit and innovation supporting endodontic excellence

HighFive Endo incubated with the belief that applying business proficiency and entrepreneurial savviness to already high-performing endodontists can unlock practice growth while ensuring best-in-class patient care.

Launched by Chad Trull, who has been recognized by Ernst & Young as an Entrepreneur of the Year, HighFive Endo started with a simple goal: to help dedicated endodontists be the best they can possibly be.

“We operate with an obsession for finding and delivering value. And that drive is rooted in serving and helping people. People are the heart of innovation, the fuel behind transformative progress. This marriage of ambition with heart ensures we deliver value while staying true to our values.”
— Chad Trull, CEO HighFive Endo

The proposition of HighFive is straight-forward. HighFive focuses on the practice, while the endodontists focus on the patients. By applying technology and software advancements while leveraging a unique Center of Excellence, HighFive provides a compelling suite of services and resources to powerfully support practice partners.

While embarking on the company launch, HighFive and Mr. Trull had the great fortune of partnering with two of the best endodontists in the business, Dr. Stephen Thomas and Dr. John Collier. The initial collaboration with Dr. Thomas and Dr. Collier helped lay the foundation for the HighFive culture, creating the mantra “Better, Stronger, Together.”

Better, Stronger, Together is reflective of the emphasis HighFive places on nurturing a strong and supportive culture. The company believes there is no more important facet to a successful enterprise than a strong cultural foundation.

“Partnering with HighFive was a result of wanting the best for me and my practice. The ability to achieve continued growth and excellent patient care, while removing the  burdens of the everincreasing administrative workload, has made my productivity soar. My clinical care is just that — mine. I’m proud to say HighFive is my family.”
— Dr. Christopher Cook, Louisville Endodontics

As a result of prioritizing culture, HighFive applies a disciplined, strategic approach to expansion, avoiding a growth-for-growth’s sake mindset. HighFive thoroughly screens potential partners, ultimately pairing like-minded professionals with shared philosophies of attaining greater practice excellence through collaboration, diligently treating everyone as family, and viewing practice success with both a commercial and non-commercial lens.

HighFive Fast Facts: • Over $70 million in annual revenue • Over 160 employees • Projected 2021 revenue growth of 107% • Average clinical revenue growth post acquisition is +41% • Average clinical EBITDA growth post acquisition is +96%

The benefits of becoming a HighFive Practice are numerous. Higher reimbursements, better equipment pricing, and access to some of the sharpest healthcare and business professionals that exist today are just a few of the advantages gained by becoming a partner with HighFive. While partners have consistently seen practice revenue and profits grow post-acquisition, value and benefit extend beyond quantitative metrics. Doctors really do become part of a family — a family that shares best practices with regular roundtables and experiences personal and professional growth through a peer mentoring platform, coupled with values, integrity, and grit that is competitive and exclusive. Partners at HighFive are different and challenge the status quo each day.

The impressive growth of HighFive illustrates the value and impact of an entrepreneurially driven endodontic partnership model. The HighFive formula of applying technology and best business practices facilitates operational success and cutting-edge endodontics leading to a whole new era of endodontic care.


This information was provided by HighFive Endo.

HighFive Endo dedicates itself to helping endodontists become “Better, Stronger, Together.” Dr. Richard Mounce offers some more insights into working together with his article on a “referral-based endodontic practice” at https://endopracticeus.com/referrals/

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