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Endo-owned and endo-run Endo1 Partners reduces administrative burdens and fuels growth for partner endodontists.

The fastest-growing endodontic partnership organization that helps you prosper on your terms

Endo1 Partners is the original and fastest-growing Endodontic Partnership Organization (EPO) dedicated to supporting endodontists. The EPO offers a full suite of business and operational support services that reduces administrative burden, increases efficiency, and fuels growth for partner endodontists.

“The fact that Endo1 Partners is endo-owned and endo-run makes a huge difference. If I have a clinical problem, the founders are only one call away. As practicing endodontists, they get it and are happy to help anytime. This regular communication makes me feel like a valued member of the organization.”
– Dr. Rowshan Ahani, Bayside Endodontics

Endo1 Partners was founded and is led by practicing endodontists Matthew Haddad, DMD; Daryl Dudum, DDS; Mark Haddad, DDS; and Darron Rishwain, DDS. These industry-leading professionals came together to form the first-of-its-kind EPO after finding that existing dental service organizations (DSOs) did not truly understand the specific needs and challenges of endodontists.

Established in October 2019 with just six locations and operations in Texas and California, Endo1 Partners experienced rapid growth across several markets during its first full year in operation. The EPO now supports more than 70 practices and over 100 specialists across 15 states — and expects to continue this impressive growth trajectory by adding 50 locations to its network in 2021.

If you are interested in partnering with a DSO, Endo1 Partners boasts a unique model that empowers you to achieve your goals and allows you prosper on your terms.

You retain control of your business

Partnering with Endo1 Partners allows you to receive all the benefits of joining a larger group of dental professionals, while maintaining control of your business. Unlike what happens in similar organizations, partners retain a considerable amount of equity in their practices and remain in control of their practice’s brand, culture, and team. Most importantly, you will have complete clinical autonomy.

Plus, you tell us what you need — not the other way around. Endo1 Partners does not mandate that partners use all services. You have the flexibility to choose which services your practice needs to drive success.

Patient care is our primary focus

Imagine being able to solely focus on the “practice” part of your endodontic practice. As a member of the Endo1 Partners network, you will have access to best-in-class services, resources, and more that will help you streamline your practice so you can focus on what matters most — providing high-quality care to patients.

We don’t have a corporate feel

Endo1 Partners operates more like a tight-knit family than a corporation or company. The founding partners personally visit with potential partners to ensure a good fit and stay in touch even after partners have been integrated. This personalized touch and caring culture is part of what makes Endo1 Partners unique.

Join the Endo1 Partners Network

Endo1 Partners is looking to partner with more specialists in building a world-class organization they can count on for best-in-class resources and support. Contact Endo1 Partners at info@endo1partners.com, or call 305-206-7388 to partner with a network of like-minded dental professionals you can trust.


This information was provided by Endo1 Partners.

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