Dr. Jason Putnam: owning his future

Dr. Jason Putnam’s partnership with US Endo Partners helps him to increase patients without working more hours, while being more motivated and efficient.

Dr. Jason Putnam serving his neighbors in Bluffton, South Carolina

After more than 15 years of running a successful solo practice in idyllic Bluffton, South Carolina, Dr. Jason Putnam began to feel isolated and burned-out. He knew he needed more — a new goal, mission, or direction in his professional career.

“I was finding myself not enjoying practicing as much as I had in the past, and it was really weighing on me,” Dr. Putnam said.

His practice, Coastal Carolina Endodontics, is situated just 15 minutes from iconic Hilton Head Island. Known primarily as a vacation and retirement spot, Bluffton proved the perfect place for Dr. Putnam and his wife, Casey, who serves as Practice Manager, to put down roots and raise their two sons.

“My family is number one and always has been, but what we do for patients in this community is a close number two for me,” he said. Dr. Putnam wanted to continue to serve his neighbors but was struggling with the idea of continuing his career as a clinician for much longer.

“Burnout is a real thing in endo,” Dr. Putnam said. “It happens to all of us because it is a difficult and technical procedure.”

He and Casey were advised by a colleague from his residency at the University of Iowa to look at US Endo Partners, a specialty dental service organization, as a potential catalyst for change.

US Endo Partners has completely and utterly changed my life. It has been an awakening — a resurrection of my career and passion for this specialty.”
— Jason Putnam, DMD, Coastal Carolina Endodontics

“I hadn’t heard of US Endo, but it sounded like something that would give us options and possibly rejuvenate us a little bit,” he said. “I was really interested in experiencing camaraderie with other doctors, exchanging ideas, and finding new motivations for myself and my team.”

Dr. Putnam partnered with US Endo in August 2021 and then attended his first Vision Summit, the annual Partners’ meeting, that October in Dallas, Texas. He expected to establish positive relationships with his new business partners but didn’t expect to be inspired by the gathering.

“It was the most profound experience of my career. I left the Summit bursting with motivation and new ideas that I could not wait to share with my team,” Dr. Putnam said. “I knew something big was about to happen. I didn’t really have a specific goal. I just knew we were going to take a huge step toward our true potential.”

Dr. Jason Putnam telling his inspiring story at the US Endo Partners 2022 Vision Summit. Watch Jason and Casey tell their story.

Dr. Putnam called a team meeting upon arrival back in South Carolina and was blown away by his team’s interest in improving efficiencies to increase access to care and to get more patients out of pain each day. It didn’t take long to see a significant impact.

Within a two-month time span — and without working more hours — Dr. Putnam and his team were able to increase the number of patients they could help each day by 50% over the previous year. In the third month after the Summit, Dr. Putnam and his team had dialed in their new motivations and efficiencies resulting in a staggering 103% improvement — more than doubling the number of patients they were able to help. And those numbers continue to soar 1 year later.

“US Endo completely and utterly changed my life. It was an awakening — a resurrection of my career and passion for this specialty,” Dr. Putnam said. “My team and I are absolutely jamming! We are helping twice as many patients each day, and we’ve never been so motivated and happy. We’re having fun again.”


This information was provided by US Endo Partners.

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