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Publisher Lisa Moler says that now is the time to pursue revitalization of your practices in 2022. Read her inspiring perspective and thrive in 2022!

Lisa Moler
MedMark Media

When preparing my first message of 2022, I was looking for inspiration. I found a quote by author Richelle E. Goodrich, which said, “Revitalized, I find the strength to battle new tomorrows.” She added, “This year, I survived. Next year, I will thrive!” Revitalization is a key to continuing to grow and prosper in the coming years. It means to give new life or vitality. Here at MedMark, revitalization is exactly what we concentrate on every day — for our readers and our authors and, ultimately, for our patients.

For our spring issue, our page design has changed. That is part of our revitalization. Our articles and topics will continue to motivate. But you will also find:

  • Easier-to-read bold headlines and a humanist, more legible typeface
  • More color and a fresh color palette with new accent colors
  • More reader-friendly text and column width
  • More bookshelf-friendly size — the publication now is easier to store for long-term reference

In this issue, a CE by Dr. Andrew R. Steidley shares details on the history and features of the dental operating microscope that make it an asset to endodontics. A CE by Nikki Sowards, PharmD; Michael O’Neil, PharmD; and Tyler Dougherty, PharmD; shows how dentists can utilize state prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) to inform clinicians and identify “red flags” when prescribing controlled substances. Pass the quizzes for these CEs and obtain 2 CE credits each! In a conversation with Karen Potter, DDS, she reflects on the amazing assistance that technology — especially CBCT and GentleWave® — gave her in diagnostics, treatment planning, and practice. In his article on minimally invasive endodontics, Dr. Reid V. Pullen shows how certain tools in his practice help paint “a beautiful endodontic canvas.”

While we all are laser-focused on succeeding and expanding our options this year, we also should remember the importance of practicing empathy and kindness. Stories of these past 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic taught us that we all have a personal and professional story that has deeply impacted our lives. Some share these challenges with the world, and some prefer to keep them personal; but in the light of what we have all gone through, part of the revitalization of 2022 will be to recognize that we need each other’s support to move forward. There are many ways to practice kindness in the dental world. Be a mentor to another dentist who has questions on technique or materials that work for you. Motivate a colleague who is just starting out or is restarting. Use your social media to be an inspiration. Call peers, and suggest they read an interesting article that will help move their practice forward. Tell a few people in your personal life that you are proud of them.

Revitalization means so much, especially this year, and MedMark is proud to be a catalyst for positive change. For our readers, our articles and webinars can help you gain or change perspective and move in new directions. For manufacturers and innovators, our marketing services can bring you the attention you deserve and the recognition you seek.

Our motto this year is “Renew in 2022!” With our combined experience and insights, we can stride into the future together. For this issue, we put a new spin on the quote at the beginning of this perspective. “Last year, I survived. This year, I will thrive!”


To your best success,

Lisa Moler
MedMark Media

Revitalization brings renewed energy in 2022. In 2021, Lisa Moler’s watchwords were renewed energy coming out of the COVID-19 crisis. Read her introduction here:

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