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This Special Section spotlights companies to visit at the AAE that can help your practice reach greater efficiency and profitability!

Avalon Biomed

Avalon Biomed is a rapidly growing, fiercely independent, family-owned company dedicated to manufacturing high-quality bioactive bioceramic/MTA-based products. The company is located in Houston, Texas, making it the ONLY manufacturer of premixed dental bioceramic cements and sealers in the United States. Today Avalon Biomed is delivering better evidence-based bioceramic technology, while the big endodontic materials companies are content with the status quo.

The materials used in Avalon Biomed’s products are based on the same tested and trusted bioactive bioceramics that have been successfully used and extensively researched for more than 20 years. Avalon Biomed heavily invests in R&D to introduce new products that improve the standard of patient care. Since 2014, Avalon Biomed has introduced four new products, each state-of-the-art in its category. Avalon Biomed has an agile team, which allows them to invent, manufacture, and market new products at a rate uncommon for larger bureaucratic companies.

With Avalon Biomed’s newest generation of bioactive materials, clinicians can perform virtually all endodontic procedures, including sealing and obturation, with fewer products, less waste, and higher efficiency than ever before. In 2020, built on the success of NeoMTA Plus, Avalon Biomed launched three brand new products: NeoSEALERâ Flo, NeoPUTTYâ, and NeoMTAâ 2.

Avalon Biomed is committed to giving you the flexibility to perform Endo Your Way. The Neo family of bioactive bio-ceramic products can be used synergistically for complete endodontic care.

Visit Avalon Biomed at AAE Booth No. 825



Despite the introduction of several unique devices to aid in endodontic irrigation, the fact remains that NaOCl is buffered when it comes into contact with inorganic dentinal debris. EDTA not only aids in dentinal debris dissolution but also buffers NaOCl. So, clinicians must use high volumes of multiple irrigation solutions, which require additional steps, irrigants, syringes, and needles. But now there is a solution with Triton. Triton is a patent-pending all-in-one irrigation solution that allows for synergistic and simultaneous dissolution of organic and inorganic debris. Triton permits clinicians to use lower volumes of irrigation solution and ensures maximum clinical efficiency. Unlike traditional irrigants or other 2:1 solutions, Triton works differently by avoiding the use of EDTA and CHX altogether. By using a lower concentration of NaOCl and a patent-pending proprietary blend of surfactants and gentle chelating agents, Triton is the first irrigant to deliver all of the benefits of NaOCl, EDTA, and CHX in a single-step all-in-one irrigation solution. The non-NaOCl components in Triton proactively dissolve the dentinal debris, allowing for a lower concentration of NaOCl (also included in Triton) to be exposed to organic debris without as much buffering. With Triton, irrigation is no irritation at all.

Visit Brasseler USA at AAE Booth No. 713



EdgeEndo® has launched the EdgePRO™ system for endodontists seeking a more effective cleaning and disinfection alternative within root canal procedures. The new laser-assisted microfluidic irrigation device offers an advanced solution to current cleaning and disinfection techniques.


EdgePRO™ lets “You be You” — shape and obturate the canals the way you want without the need to change your technique. EdgePRO™ offers the potential for streamlined workflow and one-visit treatment resulting in reduced treatment time and patient visits.

EdgePRO™ has state-of-the-art technology at more affordable pricing that is as low as 1/3 the cost of other irrigation devices. EdgePRO™ gives your practice access to the future of endodontics and an edge in winning more referral business.

About EdgeEndo®

Our mission is to deliver dental products and solutions, at a substantially lower cost, which in turn benefits practitioners and patients everywhere. Innovation is the heart of EdgeEndo®. We are dedicated to the pursuit of bringing leading-edge products to the industry. We believe premium technology shouldn’t have to come with a premium price tag. We sell direct to dental professionals, without unnecessary costs.

Visit EdgeEndo at AAE Booth No. 901


Endo Mastery

Get your questions answered at our AAE 2022 Meeting Booth No. 725

Visit our booth to meet our team and other doctors in our lounge who have succeeded with practice coaching. Find out how coaching can help your practice!

At this year’s meeting, we’re pleased to sponsor the entire Practice Management Educational Track. Teamwork, scheduling, marketing, growth, finances — these are topics we love!

As a show special, you can get our lowest tuition rate of the year. For just $795 ALL-IN (includes doctor and all team members), join our June 2-day livestream seminar, “Mastering the Effortless Endodontic Practice.” That’s $500 off!

Dr. Ace Goerig: Endo’s top practice growth and financial coach

We are also sponsoring the AAE Career Fair to help residents and new endodontists get started. We have associate-ready clients, so our Career Fair table is a one-stop shop!

We’re also launching our FREE Career Start Membership for residents and new endodontists. Get complimentary access to webinars and online resources about buying or starting a practice or finding the best associate positions.

Finally, Dr. Ace Goerig, owner, is speaking: “SP-14 Steps to Create Personal and Financial Freedom in Endodontics” on Thursday, April 28, at 4:30 p.m.

Come by our booth No. 725 to sign up for our seminar show special, career start membership, and more surprises! See you in Phoenix!

Get your questions answered at our AAE 2022 Meeting Booth No. 725


Endo1 Partners

Endo1 Partners is the original, fastest-growing endodontic partnership organization (EPO) dedicated specifically to supporting endodontists

As an endodontic partnership organization (EPO) that is majority owned and led by endodontists, Endo1 Partners uniquely understands the specific needs of endodontists. Its vision is to partner with endodontists around the country in building a world-class organization they can count on for the resources and support they need. As part of the Endo1 Partners network, members will have access to centralized services, exclusive resources, shared back-office support, group benefits, and discounts.

Endo1 Partners founders

Endo1 Partners was founded and is still led by endodontists Matthew Haddad, DMD; Daryl Dudum, DDS; Mark Haddad, DDS; and Darron Rishwain, DDS. This team of industry-leading professionals remains committed to practicing, so they can continue to identify best practices that will help streamline, optimize, and improve your business.

Established in October 2019 with six locations and operations in Texas and California, Endo1 Partners experienced rapid growth across several markets during its first full year in operation. The company expanded into 13 new states in 2021, while strengthening its position in existing markets. In total, Endo1 Partners has formed new partnerships with over 136 distinguished specialty practices and added over 230 new specialists to the network.

Endo1 Partners will be at the AAE22 Annual Conference in April. Come visit us at Booth No. 100 to learn more about the first-of-its-kind EPO.

Visit Endo1 Partners at AAE Booth No. 100


US Endo Partners

When you share ideas, foster a growth mindset, and pursue excellence as a team, success quickly follows. This is the spirit of US Endo. The spirit of US.

“Partnering with US Endo is so much more than a great business opportunity. Our culture is about growth in every aspect of our lives — from improving our communication skills to leadership training, to advanced clinical training courses, and beyond. Being a part of US Endo offers the chance to become not only a better endodontist, but also a better boss, a better spouse, and a better friend. What we are building is unique; I’m truly thrilled to get to be a part of it.” — Jeremy M. Young, DDS, MMSc, and US Endo Partners Operational Excellence Leader

When it’s time to talk, talk to the first and only SDSO with proven financial results and a supportive, growth-minded culture — Talk to US.

Visit US at the AAE in Phoenix! You’ll find:

  • Dynamic presentations on timely topics from industry leaders Dr. Bruno Azevedo “The Cone Beam Guy,” Dr. Diwaker Kinra, Dr. Ryan Facer, and others;
  • A coffee bar and space to relax and connect with other top-tier endodontists;
  • Live recordings of our new podcast, “The Endo Files™”;
  • And one-of-a-kind sweepstakes you won’t want to miss!

Visit US Endo Partners at AAE Booth No. 112



Make sure to stop by AAE Booth No. 813 for dedicated sessions with experts to learn how ZEISS microscopes not only can enhance your view, but also advance your practice. We want to help find the best scope for you.

Already an EXTARO 300® or PROergo® user? Swing by for some tips and tricks. Sessions are 15 minutes and no reservations needed.

Transform the way you work.

Check out our AAE event page!


Visit Zeiss at AAE Booth No. 813

Besides getting information from a visit at the AAE booth, this press release shares information about root canal safety. The resources can help endodontists any year and at any time! Read about it here: https://endopracticeus.com/aae-promotes-root-canal-awareness/

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