Risk versus reward: technology adoption requires thoughtful analysis

Dr. Jeffrey J. Linden gained beneficial technologies and clinical support from his connection to US Endo Partners.

Dr. Linden knows the importance of technology and understands how cuttingedge innovations can improve patient outcomes. Pictured here is his solo practice — Advanced Endodontic Specialists in South Barrington, Illinois

Dr. Jeffery J. Linden discusses the value of a supporting community when making big decisions

After 25 years of solo practice, Jeffery J. Linden, DDS, of Advanced Endodontic Specialists in South Barrington, Illinois, knows the importance of technology and understands how cutting-edge innovations can improve patient outcomes. He also knows, however, that embracing technology without thorough analysis can be detrimental to a practice.

Dr. Linden said his recent partnership with US Endo Partners has proven helpful in making big technology decisions a little easier.

“Risk/Reward” analysis is undoubtably omnipresent for many clinicians. The return on investment — of both money and time — must be weighed heavily against patients’ experiences. Practitioners often choose not to upgrade their technology because of the time needed to learn and implement it, as well as the costs that might have to be passed on to patients. Until an endodontist feels comfortable with new technology, applying it without sacrificing care can be challenging; at first, patients can perceive that the procedure takes longer than it took using tried-and-true techniques.

“Is this going to make my life easier as a clinician?” Dr. Linden asked. “I have to incorporate this machine and amend my workflow, as well as take into account how the assistants do their jobs. Change can be hard after 25 years; I have to be convinced that it is going to make a significant difference.” Additionally, no matter how good the technology is, some practitioners find the cost too burdensome. US Endo Partners allayed Dr. Linden’s fears and increased his confidence in implementing new technology — a 3D-imaging unit.

The endodontist-led, patient-driven collaborative model of US Endo Partners benefited Dr. Linden and his patients by backing the significant investment of a new dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) unit. Dr. Linden, a longtime user of CBCT in his office, had been reluctant to purchase the latest model due to the cost; with US Endo’s support, it became an easier decision.

“There is a huge advantage in the power of numbers with purchasing an expensive piece of equipment. If six or seven endodontists need a CBCT at the same time, you can negotiate better prices. It benefits all of us — patients, doctors, everyone,” Dr. Linden said.

US Endo also provides Dr. Linden the clinical support and training to optimize the use of CBCT. Recently, US Endo formed an exclusive partnership with cone-beam expert, Dr. Bruno Azevedo, to work with practices to perfect their use of the technology. Dr. Azevedo trains teams to safely and confidently use the machine, reduce liability, improve the quality of images, and better interpret findings for more accurate diagnoses. Dr. Azevedo encourages endodontists to view CBCT as an essential tool to support the clinical decision, as it offers valuable information about when to treat, how to treat, and — just as important — when not to treat.

Being part of a supportive culture and peer network is a paramount benefit of US Endo for Dr. Linden; the collaboration is made even better because he surrounds himself with high-caliber professionals.

“If everyone is sharing what they are doing, and we take the best parts to move forward as a specialty, that is a hugely important advantage for my practice,” Dr. Linden said. “I am on my own and have to figure a lot of things out for myself. But as part of US Endo, it facilitates the learning process. We share ideas, techniques, and technologies. They are all like-minded individuals interested in doing the best.”

Read more about how US Endo Partners understands the clinical and business challenges of the endodontic practice:  https://endopracticeus.com/u-s-endo-partners-2/

Jeffery J. Linden, DDS, was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa, where he attended Loras College and earned a BS degree in Chemistry in 1988. In 1992, he received his dental degree from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. After graduating from dental school, Dr. Linden served a General Practice Residency at Barnes and Jewish Hospitals in St. Louis, Missouri, and then practiced general dentistry in St. Louis. In 1994, he started his Endodontic Residency at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. From 1997 to 2003, he practiced with Park Dental Specialists, a multispecialty group practice in Chicago. There, he founded the endodontic department of this practice. In 2003, Dr. Linden created and developed his own private practice — Advanced Endodontic Specialists.


Disclosure: Dr. Linden is a clinician-partner member of US Endo Partners.

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