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Dr. Christopher Sabourin’s Endodontic SuperSystems (ESS) can bring process maps, workflows, and educational modules that guide and streamline the entire endodontic practice.

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Dr. Christopher Sabourin built Endodontic SuperSystems (ESS) for quality of life.

After more than 16 years leading a practice in California’s Central Valley and growing it from early stages to high profitability, Dr. Christopher Sabourin realized that the digital playbooks he developed for the life of his business could be replicated and shared with his peers. These “Practice DNA” playbooks have enabled Dr. Sabourin to streamline his own practice, where he routinely performs between 4 to 13 treatments per day, radically freeing up time to focus on patients and mentor his team.

The Endodontic SuperSystems (ESS) team applied a 3-year, complex R&D process to standardize and map top 0.1% practices into a complete Software as a Service (SaaS) platform bespoke to small and midsize business (SMB) industries. Running an independent endodontic practice has several potential pitfalls. Without a foolproof process and well-trained team, the endodontist is pulled into all aspects of the practice. Burnout is a challenge.

“An endodontist as the leader of a small business is under a lot of pressure,” says Dr. Sabourin. “We’re medical professionals trained to focus on people and procedures. Most of us aren’t, and shouldn’t have to be, organizational experts with MBAs. The common fixes for practice challenges — such as consultants or independent learning — are patchwork solutions that aren’t always a good fit.”

Enter Endodontic SuperSystems. The comprehensive platform provides 24/7 online access to process maps, workflows, and educational modules that guide staff and streamline an entire practice. Using ESS orchestrates the life of an endo practice team — giving visibility into bottlenecks and reinforcing learning, growth, and efficiency. It means an improved day-to-day experience for every team member.

The ESS platform supports the following:

Onboarding and training
  • The platform offers best-in-class modules, courses, and videos for training and certification. Beyond a typical learning management system, ESS helps new employees master their roles quickly — practices using the software onboard new employees in 3 to 8 weeks rather than a potential 6 to 8 months.
Recruitment and retention
  • ESS provides access to hiring scripts, work performance improvement, and peer feedback modules. By helping to identify ideal team members and build their comfort level in new roles, ESS use improves retention and performance.
Process and flow
  • The platform shares proven process maps, workflow videos, and charts based on the DNA of practices in the 1% nationally. ESS use builds efficiency and removes bottlenecks, increasing cost savings and facilitating growth.
Professional growth and knowledge-sharing
  • ESS is a growth resource for team members, practices, and the endodontic community at large. The platform includes professional development modules, continual refinements from a vetted knowledge community, and access to events.
Data and tracking
  • ESS provides access to anonymized, industry-specific data analytics and individual practice benchmarks. This feature supports data-informed decisions.

Dr. Sabourin believes that, like other industries, endodontics can be transformed through SaaS innovation.

“Our field is all about people,” he says. “We provide greater quality of life for our patients, and ESS is made for the business of life. It helps us get the work done well and efficiently, so we can enjoy our own quality of life.”


This information was provided by Endodontic SuperSystems (ESS).

Read more about the founder of Endodontic SuperSystems (ESS), Dr. Christopher Sabourin, and his vision for reducing daily stress with a new layer of workflow organization here: https://endopracticeus.com/christopher-sabourin-dds-ms-msd/

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