Built to Last. Built for You. Built by Boyd!

Boyd produces treatment chairs, mobile storage, and clinical cabinetry in combinations of color and print laminates that create a cohesive office space.

Left: Endodontic Cart; right: S3100LC Endodontic Treatment Chair

”Built to Last. Built for You. Built by Boyd!” is more than a tagline; it signifies the commitment that everyone at Boyd makes to every one of our customers. Best known for the durability and reliability of our award-winning products — including treatment chairs, mobile storage, and clinical cabinetry — we combine over 60 years of design and manufacturing expertise to perfectly fit your unique space and personal style. The Boyd team takes great pride in the craftsmanship and longevity of all products built at our U.S.-based facility, so you can take pride in your office for years to come.

Featured product: S3100LC Endodontic Treatment Chair

Designed specifically for your needs, the S3100LC chair for endodontists combines ergonomic, reliable functionality with elegant design. Like most Boyd Industries’ products, the S3100LC chair can be personalized to best suit your office, just as its design will best suit your specialization’s needs.

What makes the S3100LC design unique?
  • Features a lockable swivel base — capable of 90 degrees of rotation from center — for patient positioning and entry/egress.
  • Lift column base allows the S3100LC chair to be raised or lowered in a fixed field of view.
  • The tapered-back design facilitates closer assistant positioning while maintaining patient comfort.
  • Low-profile, double-articulating headrest ensures proper positioning of the patient’s head.
  • Easy-to-access membrane switches are located on left and right chair sides to control both base and back adjustments. These come with three programmable settings for one-touch control to articulate the chair to frequently used positions with a “Home” button, which returns the chair to the lowered, upright position for patient egress.
  • Ultraleather Pro™ fabric and memory foam come standard to support maximum patient comfort. Ultraleather Pro is ink- and stain-resistant with antimicrobial disinfecting ingredients.
  • Features a detachable foot control, lever-release drop-down arms, and a fixed toe with clear plastic protective cover.

Featured product: Endodontic Cart

Like the S3100LC, this mobile operatory cart is prepared to perfectly fit into your endodontic practice. The Prestige Endodontic Cart is fitted with a lightweight aluminum body and all the features you need: aseptic surfaces for easy cleaning, sectioned drawers for intuitive organization, and a sleek, contemporary esthetic.

Standard features
  • Removable plastic top designed for easy cleaning, in addition to dual slide-out surfaces for added workspace.
  • 5″ easy-rolling wheels allow for a smooth transit from patient to patient. Wheels lock for stability.
  • Durable scratch-resistant, nylon-reinforced polycarbonate bumper protects the cart’s wheels and exterior from wear-and-tear over time.
  • Auto-closing, ball-bearing drawers.
  • Features four 3″ drawers, one 6″ drawer, and one 9″

The Boyd team has made every effort to create specialized products that are truly “Built for You.” These featured endodontic products can be combined with Boyd’s custom clinical and office cabinetry — with nearly limitless combinations of color and print laminates — to create a fully cohesive office space.

To learn more, visit us at www.boydindustries.com, or stop by AAE 2022 Booth 627 in April! You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @BoydIndustries.

Boyd Industries is an ISO 13485:2016 certified company.


This information was provided by Boyd Industries.

Boyd has many products for the endodontic market. Read more about them here: https://endopracticeus.com/boyd-industries-products-specifically-for-the-endodontic-market/

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