The evolution of the taper

Endodontic practices took a major leap forward with the introduction of nickel-titanium rotary files. With its amazing properties, the alloy we’ve come to know as NiTi has been setting new standards for the profession ever since.

NiTi heat treatment technology has continued these improvements to enable today’s endodontists to harness NiTi’s full potential with ever-greater success.

With the EdgeTaper Platinum™ from EdgeEndo, NiTi gives endodontists far greater control over the root canal procedure. The file series breaks new ground for flexibility and cyclic fatigue resistance, and it costs half of what endodontists are accustomed to paying for similar products.

EdgeEndo’s proprietary heat treatment process, Firewire™, allows for the manufacture of files that are incredibly flexible and superelastic. The process gives the files their revolutionary contouring ability, allowing endodontists to follow the canal curvature with remarkable precision, even in challenging cases with curves up to 90°.

While the benefits of flexibility are well known, some endodontists are unfamiliar with files that don’t have “shape memory.” Though shape memory may seem beneficial, it can cause a file to “bounce back” and straighten in curved canals, fighting the natural canal anatomy and causing canal transportation. EdgeTaper Platinum files are more flexible, which prevents transportation and can also be pre-bent in situations where entry into the canal is difficult.

The Firewire heat treatment process also produces instruments that are incredibly resistant to separation. EdgeTaper Platinum files exhibit 2 to 8 times the resistance to cyclic fatigue of other NiTi files, allowing them to navigate severely curved canals with greater ease than previously possible. The EdgeTaper Platinum series is used just like ProTaper Gold® but designed to safely unwind instead of breaking if extreme torsional forces are encountered.

EdgeTaper Platinum is available in 21 mm, 25 mm, and 31 mm lengths. The files are designed to be used with the same speeds, torques, and techniques as ProTaper Gold®, making for an easy and seamless transition. EdgeEndo also has knowledgeable customer service representatives available by phone to answer any questions that arise.

As readers know, the practice of endo-dontics is becoming more competitive, with root canal reimbursements decreasing and patients finding it harder to pay their part of the cost. In this environment, overhead control is a major factor — not only for success, but also for survival.

EdgeEndo has eliminated many of the overhead costs associated with traditional manufacturers, which helps keep their pricing extremely low. Over the years, the opportunity to save substantially on premium rotary files can make a big difference in the financial success of today’s endodontic practice.

Because of heat treatment technological innovations and advancements, NiTi rotary file systems have profoundly increased their safety and performance. Endodontists can now perform procedures that were unimaginable with standard nickel-titanium files. The EdgeTaper Platinum allows you to reap all of NiTi’s incredible potential at half the cost.

This information was provided by EdgeEndo.

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