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What’s happening in endodontics, and how can you differentiate your practice? Tune into The Endo Files podcast by US Endo Partners!

Hosts Dr. Diwakar Kinra and Kim Livesay Brownell discuss issues facing today’s residents on an episode of The Endo Files, recorded live at the AAE Annual Meeting

US Endo amplifying the voices of specialists and industry insiders

The Endo Files Podcast is a show for endodontists looking to gain insights, education, and inspiration from their peers. Each episode features a rich conversation between industry experts, highlighting personal perspectives on the specialty including clinical best practices, hot topics, work-life balance, innovative technologies, and so much more!

From harnessing mental toughness to thriving in the demanding field of endodontics, to the importance of giving back and investing your time to shape the future of the specialty and the next generation of leaders, Season One covered myriad topics appealing to specialists in every stage of career. Season Two will dig even deeper!

Season two: new co-hosts and deeper dives

New for Season Two, The Endo Files will be hosted by a rotating line-up of experts, each bringing a different perspective to the table! You’ll hear dynamic conversations led by Dr. Diwakar Kinra, Dr. Brett Gilbert, Dr. Ryan Facer, and Dr. Allen Abrishami, who will shine a light on issues pertaining specifically to residents and new associates, along with longtime industry insider and seasoned podcast host, Kim Livesay Brownell.

ICYMI: highlights from season one

  • Endo Never Sleeps: Setting Boundaries and Thriving Through Grind – David Landwehr, Capital Endodontics
  • Why Mental Toughness is the Endodontist’s Superpower – Reid Pullen, Brea Endodontics
  • Why Chasing Excellence is More Sustainable than Chasing Perfection – Brett Gilbert, King Endodontics
  • The Symbiotic Relationship Between Radiology and Endodontics, and Going Back to School – Bruno Azevedo aka “The Cone Beam Guy”
  • Resident Lessons, Side Hustles, and the Importance of Work-Life Balance – Diwakar Kinra, Contemporary Endodontics
  • Paying it Forward: Investing in the Specialty to Shape the Future – Scott Doyle, Metropolitan Endodontics
  • Advice for Current Residents and New Endodontic Associates – Allen Abrishami, Brea Endodontics
  • In Conversation with The Pulpinator – Daniel Tran, Belle Meade Endodontics
  • The Case for Faster Procedures: Leaning Down to Maximize Efficiency – Tim Adams, Summit Endodontics
  • Why the Patient is King, the Role of the AAE & Why Disco Diva Gloria Gaynor Was Right – Rob Roda, Roda, Bennett & Kogan
  • What’s Next in Endo: A Unique Perspective on the Future of the Specialty – Steve Frost, Red Mountain Endodontics
  • And more!

If you’re looking to differentiate yourself and your practice, to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the field, and to connect with other specialists on a personal level, The Endo Files is an excellent resource to add to your toolkit.

The podcast is brought to you by US Endo Partners and is available for free on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Subscribe today so you never miss an episode!

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