Next-generation gutta-percha cones

Dentsply Sirona touts its most recent innovation — next generation gutta-percha points.

Advance your technology and your patients’ health

Dentsply Sirona’s mission is to empower dental professionals all over the world with the most optimal, innovative technology on the frontier of dental care. As the leading pioneer in the field, Dentsply Sirona holds itself accountable, as your partner, in providing you with the best, most innovative technology to aid your patients. In doing this, we all win because the quality of your patients’ lives improves, which is our number one goal. Our mission is to “deliver innovative dental product solutions to improve oral health worldwide.” Integrity, high performance, and accountability are our core values.

In 2016, Dentsply and Sirona combined efforts to create the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental solutions. Our legacy is that we spend over $150 million a year to advance dentistry. Our team of innovators is made up of 600 scientists and engineers. At any given time, we have 50 clinical studies going on to test safe, effective innovations that result in launches of more than 30 advancements in solutions every year.

Dentsply Sirona has operations in over 40 different countries and sells its products to more than 120 countries. This wide distribution reaches 6 million people daily around the world. One of our specialties is endodontics with a universal commitment toward innovation.

In this particular article, we will spotlight our next-generation gutta-percha points, a recent innovation with which you can upgrade your practice and technology. Our injection molding process is far superior to the hand-rolled gutta percha of the past. Our new technique creates a much finer match between the master cone and the particular shape of your client’s file through the process of injection molding the cones. This bridges the gap of the traditional process that had created a lot of inconsistency in cone fit.

Conform Fit™ uses state-of-the-art technology in its next-generation gutta-percha points. Traditionally, dentistry has been unable to create a perfect match between master cones and the shapes created by your files. Now Dentsply Sirona has achieved that by injection molding.

With this technology, Dentsply Sirona is able to precisely match the shape of the canal prepared with the corresponding file. There is a consistent 40% more consistent shape and fit* than traditional hand-rolled gutta-percha.

Dentsply Sirona’s gutta-percha cones feature a variable taper to match the taper of the corresponding file used in the final shaping. Shapes reach the apex for a very snug fit, and the result of the superior apical fit provides an accurate tug-back response that can be felt even during the first application.

The improvement is vast. With this technology, the heating is more consistent for a better flow. The transfer of heat through the gutta-percha cones reaches up to 4 mm beyond the heat source, reaching all the way to the apex. Patients benefit because the clinician can use a lower heat, thus there is less risk in doing harm to the periodontal ligament. It is also important to note a very important feature — the cones are not made from latex.

Improving your technology improves your patients’ health. Call your Dentsply Sirona Endodontic Representative at 1-800-662-1202 to achieve optimal results for your patients, or visit: to find out more.


*Source: Internal testing. Data available.

This information was provided by Dentsply Sirona.              

In “A comparative study of the penetration time of different instruments and kinematics for reaching the apical limit during gutta-percha removal in endodontic retreatment,” file systems by Dentsply Sirona and others are compared in a time study.

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