What does neuroscience have to do with dentistry? A lot!

Sandra Marlowe discusses a method of achieving a profound mental state of peak performance

Imagine a new way to practice dentistry — where your patients look forward to visits and arrive calm and relaxed. Where you are far more to your patients than just a way to prevent or get out of pain or have a more attractive smile. At your practice, patients are discovering a healthier, happier life in ways they never dreamed possible. Some patients have lost weight, others have found relief from anxiety and fear, and some even have you to thank for lower golf scores.

Imagine, in this new dental practice, patients schedule recommended treatment because they trust you. They complete treatment plans because they feel safe in the office, and they regularly refer friends and family because you are more than just their dentist; you are their hero.

How do you create such a practice? The surprising answer for a large and growing number of dentists has been found in the burgeoning field of neuroscience and new discoveries in brain wave entrainment. These methods work by balancing and harmonizing the brain in a way that creates a profound mental state of peak performance.

BrainTap Technologies is leading the charge in delivering brain wave entrainment technology in an easily consumable manner. The benefits of braintapping include relaxation, stress reduction, restorative sleep, and lifestyle improvements that directly contribute to an enhanced patient experience.

BrainTap uses five mind technologies that, combined, create a powerful tool for you to use both in-office and for home care to help improve quality of life for your patients in every aspect of their lives.

Beats and tones — Imbedded tones emulate relaxed brain waves, guiding the brain to an extraordinary level of focus and performance that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.

Audio Library — Patrick K. Porter, PhD, BrainTap’s founder, created guided-visualization audio sessions to help people become the designers of their own lives. With a selection of more than 700 titles — all encoded to work with the BrainTap headset — users learn how to focus on everything they want out of life.

10-cycle holographic music — The music on the Audio Library audio-recordings is designed to create a full 360-degree experience that delights the mind with calming thoughts and images.

Light frequencies — The BrainTap headset adds the dimension of light pulses that train the brain to produce a healthy balance of brain wave activity, transforming the listener into a mental powerhouse with the right mindset to accomplish just about any goal.

Auriculotherapy — The BrainTap headset also delivers light frequencies through the ears. There are specific points in the ears, called meridians, known to directly affect the body’s organs and systems. These are typically activated using acupuncture needles, but light frequencies are known to have the same effect. The headset’s earphones are uniquely equipped with nine LED lights set at the optimum frequency for providing a sublime feeling of serenity and balance, all without needles.

The benefits to patients are innumerable and can be immeasurable. Virginia Beach home-care provider Carol Hooper is a great example. “I had been overweight nearly my entire life,” Hooper says, “Food was my comfort when I was sad, tired, or happy. In 1996, I met Dr. Patrick Porter (BrainTap’s founder), and my life changed forever. Dr. Porter taught me how to balance my brain, visualize my goals, and stay motivated for life. I took off 95 pounds and, best of all, I kept it off for 20 years.”

Stories like Hooper’s are not uncommon. But how do dentists benefit from providing BrainTap in their practices?

By becoming licensees of the BrainTap system, any dentist can have the ability to increase income and build a more varied practice in at least five different ways:

BrainTap services can be offered to patients in the dental practice for profit. Now dentists can offer programs for sleep, weight loss, smoking cessation, stress reduction, pain reduction, or choose a more unique route of care by choosing from any of 700 single audio sessions offered on the BrainTap mobile app. You can also use BrainTap to add value (and higher fees) to some or all of your existing practice’s services.

Offer the BrainTap headset in office as a retail item. BrainTap offers the dental professional a generous wholesale rate. Dentists who retail just one BrainTap headset a week can drop an additional $12,500 to their bottom line. And, once clients own their own BrainTap headset, they will likely opt for the mobile app membership, which adds to monthly income as well.

Sell the membership service to clients for added monthly revenue. For every client set up for membership, dentists earn 30% of the $30 monthly payment. Which means, if just four patients a week become members, this alone can add $7,000 to the bottom line with virtually no effort. And dentists who prescribe the membership service to stressed-out clients for home care see a growing residual income.

Use BrainTap Technologies products and services as your entrée for drawing in new patients, conducting training sessions, demos, seminars, and shows. Free demonstrations of the BrainTap headset provide you a unique way to introduce prospective new patients to your practice. They experience an immediate shift in how they feel and function, making it easy to convert them for long-term care.

Improve retention and increase referrals. Patients experiencing brain wave entrainment through the BrainTap headset and the membership tend to respond better to care and overall are happier and more compliant — which translates to patients that stay and refer.

To make it simple for the practitioner, BrainTap allows dentists to gift patients a 15-day trial for FREE. Getting brain wave patterns back to normal, or closer to normal, during that 15-day free trial allows patients’ brains to start self-regulating and the autonomic nervous system to balance, helping all unconscious activity to function optimally. This helps regulate the functions that have been under control of the central nervous system (CNS). Patients feel the results in a short amount of time, allowing them to recognize the long-term benefit.

So how do you apply this neuroscience to the real life dental practice?

Consider for a moment how many dentists are now offering and profiting from treatment for sleep apnea, a disorder that causes breathing to frequently stop and start that has been associated with significant health risks, including high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. In the national effort to understand, diagnose, and treat this disorder, dental professionals have emerged as an important part of the community aimed at alleviating human suffering due to sleep apnea. This specialized area of practice has become a rewarding and highly profitable part of those dental offices.

Now, thanks to new advances in neuroscience, BrainTap is providing dentists unique and specialized tools for branching out into other arenas such as weight loss, stop smoking, stress management, chronic pain, and may more. And, for the dental sleep practice, BrainTap is the logical complement to existing treatments for sleep apnea.

The first step in discovering all that BrainTap can do for you and your practice is to try braintapping for yourself. Simply sign up for a complimentary trial here:

This information was provided by BrainTap.

Sandra Marlowe has authored, co-written, or ghostwritten eight self-improvement books, including an award-winning bestseller. She has earned a Pushcart Prize nomination in literature. She regularly writes and speaks on topics related to brain health and self-development.

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