MTA Repair HP

New bioceramic material

600x300_angelusAngelus Dental with more than 20 years producing endodontic consumables and presented in more than 70 countries is pleased to announce its next generation of bioceramic materials based on MTA technology.

The material of choice for sealing perforations due to its biocompatibility, sealing and hydrophilic abilities, MTA technology is now available in a bioceramic putty-like consistency.

Gradually being launched internationally since January 2016, MTA Repair HP is the new bioceramic material with the same performance, indications, chemical, and biological properties of the conventional MTA, but with significant improvements in its consistency, more plasticity, allowing a friendly manipulation and insertion in the treatment site.

  • Putty-like consistency: Provides a product with friendly manipulation and insertion. The handling was a cause of stress reported by clinicians when using convention MTA, due to its “sandy” consistency.
  • Does not stain the tooth: MTA Repair HP also has a new radi-opaquer — calcium tungstate — which does not cause discoloration of the dental structure.
  • Unidose capsules: Another point worth mentioning is the package, designed for single uses. However, in a simple perforation or apical plug, the amount of product in a capsule can achieve two treatments.
  • Extended shelf life: Powder and liquid in separate vials prevent the product from deteriorating after initial usage. With this exclusive packaging, the shelf life is 3 years, no matter if used in a single case and if portioned.
  • Fast setting: All the preceding properties are in a product with a setting time of only 15 minutes, reducing the risk of displacement.

Angelus Dental — simplifying procedures through innovation.

To receive more information on MTA Repair HP, visit www.angelusdental.com.

This information was provided by Angelus® Dental.


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