The Finishing File by Engineered Endodontics®

The most cost-effective and simplest way to clean a canal

profile_engineered_endo_600x300_engineeredThere are a lot of products on the market today aimed at irrigation and agitation of residual canal debris. Most of these products require a number of things — whether it’s expensive equipment to buy, batteries to make the device work, or good old hand filing to clean the canal. There has to be an easier, clinical, and cost-effective way to clean a canal.

There is — the Finishing File

The Finishing File just requires your electric slow-speed handpiece, the type that you use with your nickel-titanium files. The Finishing File is made of nontoxic polymer and has two opposing flutes that run the entire length of the file. These flutes agitate the residual sidewall debris, and when in the canal with your irrigation solution, the fluid dynamics of the flutes spinning create a pump that extracts the debris out of the canal. The Finishing File is the only product that agitates AND extracts debris out of the canal.

Finishing Files all come in size 20, .04 taper, and in file lengths of 21 mm, 25 mm, and 31 mm.

They are sold in packs of 6 for $8.00 at www.engineeredendo.com. (That’s $1.33 per treatment.)

Published research papers on the Finishing File can be found online at our website: www.engineeredendo.com.

Engineered Endodontics other product is our tün® ultrasonic tips. These tips perform just like the other endodontic ultrasonic tips on the market, but they cost only $20 and $24 each. These tips are made of surgical-grade stainless steel, all have water ports and diamond-plated cutting tips, and the patented fork design provides maximum cutting efficiency even at lower power settings. So, you can run the tips at a lower setting while not sacrificing performance. Tün tips work on all major brand piezo ultrasonic units. Why keep paying $60 to $100-plus for your ultrasonic tips when you can get the same clinical performance at a fraction of the cost? The cost savings to switch to tün tips per year can be in the $1,000s for the typical endodontic practice.

We can provide these quality tips at such a low price because all of our products are made at our facility in the USA, and we sell direct to you. You can learn more about our tün tips and order them online at our website:  www.engineeredendo.com.

This information was provided by Engineered Endodontics®.


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