MANI JIZAI NiTi File System

The MANI JIZAI NiTi File System is smooth, flexible, and simple to use.

Story of JIZAI

”JIZAI” in Japanese means “being at will.” This phrase represents its features. Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, where MANI is located, is renowned for the 400-year old craftsmen of the woodworking art of Kanuma Kumiko. MANI celebrates and respects this tradition and is still brushing up their techniques and products to meet the needs of contemporary life. We have incorporated the exquisite and beautiful structure of Kanuma Kumiko into the JIZAI brand image.


This system is the newest addition to our endodontic product line. The three foundational concepts that form the basis of JIZAI are the following:

  1. Smooth – The unpredictable screw-in effect is one of the biggest problems during root canal shaping. JIZAI enables smooth cutting with less screw-in effect as a result of its original cross-section and flute pitch. Radial lands help to prevent overinstrumentation and excessive engagement on the root canal walls. The off-center file axis is uniquely designed to provide a larger “pocket” space for debris removal during instrumentation.
  2. Flexible – Respects the original anatomy. As a result of the heat treatment that each JIZAI file undergoes, there is a significantly lower risk of ledge, transportation, and perforation. Centering ability test shows high centering ability as shown in the chart below.
  3. Simple – JIZAI is designed to be used in a single length technique along with sequence numbers. Tip size, taper, and sequence number are etched on the shank for easy recognition.

Each file is fully heat-treated, highly flexible, and designed to cut smoothly and efficiently. The cross-sectional shape and flute pitch help to prevent overinstrumentation and file binding. Each file can be pre-bent and will hold its shape. Available in individual ISO-sized packs of three files or as part of a Standard Kit which includes a sequence of 25.04, 25.06, and 35.04 files that are designed to instrument straight and slightly curved canals.  Manufactured in Japan.


Our recommended sequence is in the following charts:

  • 01 Straight-line Access
    • JIZAI Orifice Opener (025 .14)
    • Use JIZAI Orifice Opener (025.14), and prepare the coronal part of the root canal. Coronal flaring secures unimpeded entry and reduces the stress loading on subsequent files.
    • Allowable engine speed: 500min-1 or less
    • Allowable torque setting: 3.0N·cm or less
  • 02 Patency
    • D Finders (010 .02)
    • Glide Finders (010 Multi taper .03-.02)
    • Use D Finders to achieve patency. D Finders work efficiently even in calcified and severely curved canals. Glide Finders are recommended for canals requiring more cutting force.
  • 03 Glide Path
    • JIZAI Glider (013 .04)
    • Use the JIZAI Glider to create a glide path. Featuring a 013 tip size and .04 taper, JIZAI Glider provides a smooth transition to shaping with JIZAI I (025 .04).
    • Allowable engine speed: 300min-1 or less
    • Allowable torque setting: 1.0N·cm or less
    • Use with a gentle pecking motion. Irrigate and recapitulate after instrumentation. Always use files with recommended speed and torque, and do not force files apically.
  • 04 Shaping
    • JIZAII(025 .04)
    • JIZAIII(025 .06)
    • JIZAIIII(035 .04)
    • JIZAI is designed to be used in a single length technique along with the sequence numbers.
    • Use JIZAI I, II, and III for shaping straight or slightly curved root canals.
    • For severely curved canals, use only JIZAI I and II.
    • Allowable engine speed: 500 min-1 or less
    • Allowable torque setting: 3.0N·cm or less

Related products for patency

  • D Finders
    • The D-shaped cross section increases blade strength and prevents excessive filing and binding in calcified or curved root canals.
    • Size: 08, 10, 12, 15
    • Length: 21 mm, 25 mm
    • Product name: MANI® D Finders
  • Glide Finders
    • The Glide Finders are multi-tapered files with a varying cross section from tip to handle. This design provides optimal tip resilience and shank flexibility near the handle.
    • Size: 08, 10, 12, 15
    • Length: 21mm, 25mm
    • Product name: MANI K-Files


MANI is a manufacturer of medical devices and dental instruments. Ever since we began manufacturing suture needles in 1956, we have contributed to society as a medical device manufacturer supplying medical and dental instruments. We made this possible by establishing microfabrication technologies using wire as a base material.

Our products are safe, high-quality medical devices that satisfy the needs of doctors and patients, which have also passed the strict standards of various countries around the world.


This information was provided by MANI.

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