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Vista Dental’s Piezo Pilot™

140923 LED Pilot FeatureVista Dental’s Piezo Pilot™ offers unprecedented power in a quiet, compact and lightweight design. The Pilot™ is now available with a LED handpiece, for enhanced visibility. The cold white light offers increased tissue recognition and visibility in posterior regions.

Piezoelectric technology operates in a linear push/pull motion, unlike magnetostrictive (Cavitron™*) which has a vibrating figure 8 motion that produces a considerable amount of heat.

This contrioled vibration results in: less patient sensitivity, less heat, and much less water needed.

The Pilot™ is available in six colors with ergonomic, autoclavable handpiece sleeves and includes a set of ultrasonic hygiene tips with torque wrenches. Pilot™ accepts all competitive ultrasonic tips.

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