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Vista Apex acquired sole manufacturer rights for Stropko™ Irrigator

RACINE, Wis. Vista Apex acquires the rights to become the sole manufacturer of the popular Stropko™ Irrigator. Created by Dr. John Stropko DDS, this irrigator is multidisciplinary and easy to use for precise control of air and water in any dental procedure that requires irrigation or drying during the process. The Stropko™ Irrigator is especially useful when performing procedures with the Surgical Operating Microscope (SOM) when precision & control of the irrigation is essential.

“After months of diligently working with Dr. John Stropko DDS, Vista Apex is now the sole manufacturer of the beloved Stropko™ Irrigator. Customers can be confident that they will receive the same great product they’re used to, with the addition of our dedicated customer service team!” commented Mandy Williams, Director of Sales.

“The Stropko™ Irrigator (SI) eliminates uncontrolled splashing associated with traditional air, water syringe tips. The SI Easily transforms a standard air/water syringe into a different instrument, which delivers a controlled and precise stream of air and water to the desired site. The unique capability to deliver air/water through small delivery tips helps eliminate the concern of splatter and airborne contaminants normally produced by standard air/water syringes. This is a COVID-19 essential, enhance any procedure requiring air or water, and is especially helpful under magnification!” – Dr. John Stropko

Media Contact
Sierra Kramer
Vista Apex

About Vista Apex

Vista Apex is a market leader in Endodontic and Restorative solutions. Vista Dental acquired Apex Dental Materials to create an innovation powerhouse. Vista Apex’s mission is partnering with and innovating for Clinicians to achieve better patient outcomes. Consistent with this mission, Vista Apex is guided by its four pillars of innovation; Clinician Involvement, Operational Excellence, Industry Expertise, and Quality Engineering. For more information about Vista Apex, visit VistaApex.com.

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