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Vista Dental Products introduces AutoSyringe


RACINE, WI – Vista Dental Products introduced AutoSyringe™. This patent pending device makes irrigation easy, convenient and affordable.

Over the years Endodontic therapy has seen major advancements in technology while the method of delivering solutions to the canal system has remained ergonomically difficult and messy. AutoSyringe™ replaces the standard luer lock syringe, and significantly decreases the number of irrigating tips used.

There is no need to ever purchase a box of syringes again. AutoSyringe™ pays for itself in no time!

AutoSyringe™ is a cordless, compact (sized comparable to a 12cc syringe), battery operated device that provides a consistent, controlled flow of endodontic solutions. Three adjustable flow rate settings ensure safe apical pressure throughout every procedure.

AutoSyringe™ features a quick-connect, 20ml reservoir that is easily filled with the medicament of one’s choice. Also available are prefilled 15ml pouches, of Vista Dental Product’s proprietary, enhanced solutions (NaOCl, Chlor-XTRA™, EDTA, CHX-Plus™, SmearOFF™).

AutoSyringe™ is another example of Vista Dental Product’s dedication to more safely and effectively achieve endodontic success. To find out more information, visit vista-dental.com or call 877-418-4782.

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