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Sonendo® aims to transform the future of endodontics

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GentleWave system brings Multisonic Ultracleaning technology to AAE 2014

Solving the real problems with RCT

According to the AAE, over 15 million cases of root canal therapy (“RCT”) are performed each year in the United States. However, the current methodologies rely on technologies invented over 200 years ago.

The tools used today are in part not only inefficient — it is typical for at least 35% (and as high as 50%) of the canal surface to be passed over during instrumentation1,2 — but also are associated with several procedural and safety issues such as leaving uninstrumented recesses, root weakening, ledge formation, perforations, over-instrumentation, instrument separa-tion, extrusion of debris into the periapical tissue, and periapical extrusion of sodium hypochlorite.

New paradigm: Multisonic Ultracleaning

140229 PP sonendo 01Sonendo has developed a system — the GentleWave — that delivers broad spectrum sonic energy through a disposable dental handpiece to the root canal structures. This closed loop, fluid-based Multisonic Ultracleaning System quickly, easily, and safely loosens and removes all the pulp tissue, debris, decay, and bacteria from the entire root canal system within minutes. The system employs advanced fluid dynamics and hydro-acoustics to generate a wide spectrum of waves and deliver them via a liquid medium throughout the root canal system, creating highly effective cavitation. Unlike ultrasound – where only one frequency of sound is applied – the GentleWave delivers multiple, various, and specific wavelengths ranging from large (e.g., tissue scale) to small scale (e.g., cellular scale). These waves are distributed over a broad range of frequencies, and remove unhealthy pulp tissue and bacteria safely, regardless  of the complexity of the canal system.

Every aspect of the GentleWave is acutely focused on addressing the major challenges that continue to exist within root canal therapy, including: cleaning of the entire canal system fully, as well as the isthmus, lateral canals, etc., all the way to the apex; complete removal of the smear layer created during shaping; complete removal of tenacious biofilm; and deep penetration and removal of bacteria within the dentin tubules. In short, the Multisonic mechanism of action greatly optimizes the treatment fluids being used (NaOCl, EDTA). This allows for rapid tissue dissolution and bacteria removal within the entire canal system, in only a few minutes.

140229 PP sonendo 02At first look, the GentleWave console provides a glimpse into an exciting future for endodontic therapy. Presenting a slender and elegant profile, the console perfectly complements and enhances the modern dental practice as a statement to the patient that the practitioner is serious about integrating cutting-edge technology into the office. After rubber dam placement and tooth preparation, including access, all that remains is patency and some minimal shaping before the handpiece is placed over the treatment area, and within minutes, simultaneous cleaning of the entire canal system is achieved. Efficiency and predictability are now seamlessly integrated into the procedure as the user-friendly touch screen interface guides the operator through the treatment steps.

In designing the treatment delivery handpiece, clinical feedback played a strong role in guiding development.  After performing a simple procedure to determine the depth of the pulp chamber floor, a color-coded corresponding spacer is attached to the tip, therefore providing the correct indexing every time for every procedure. This allows the cleaning to take place without any part of the handpiece actually entering a canal, which is consistent with Sonendo’s commitment to minimally invasive endodontics. From start to finish, the GentleWave System is designed to provide the highest level of performance as well as patient comfort in every endodontic procedure.

At the time of this writing, the GentleWave was not cleared for use and is not currently available for distribution. However, AAE  attendees  will be able to view the system and take part in demonstrations as Sonendo debuts the GentleWave at their booth No. 823.

For more information, please visit www.sonendo.com 

This information was provided by Sonendo, Inc.



1. Peters OA, Peters CI, Schönenberger K, Barbakow F. ProTaper rotary root canal preparation: effects of canal anatomy on final shape analysed by micro CT. Int Endod J. 2003 Feb;36(2):86-92.

2. Shuping GB, Ørstavik D, Sigurdsson A, Trope M. Reduction of intracanal bacteria using nickel-titanium rotary instrumentation and various medications. J Endod. 2000;26:751-5

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