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Healing Properties of ProRoot MTA Now Available as a Sealer

EPUS_denstlply_ESTulsa, Okla. (May 17, 2016) – Dentsply Sirona Endodontics today announced the addition of another innovative product to its ProRoot® MTA family of endodontic advanced treatment options. ProRoot® ES endodontic root canal sealer is made from an enhanced formula of its counterpart ProRoot MTA root repair material, which has been trusted in over four million canals. Now, the same healing properties that clinicians have come to know and trust from ProRoot MTA are available in a biocompatible sealer.
The unique formula of ProRoot ES provides a natural seal by sealing the root canal biologically. It is bioinductive for cementum and thereby supports tissue regeneration. The sealer has proven to be dimensionally stable and stimulates a hard-tissue covering over the apical foramen, while enabling the repair of the periradicular tissues.

In addition to providing a biological seal to prevent bacterial micro leakage, ProRoot ES comes with a number of other benefits that make it the sealer of choice to help you achieve efficient and predictable results. ProRoot ES uses a polymer-enhanced, powder and gel system that is not cytotoxic in a freshly mixed or hardened state. As such, it does not stimulate an inflammatory or root resorptive response.
The water-based, easy-to-mix formula creates a smooth stringy consistency for excellent handling, and also provides a flexible working time, setting quickly, even in the presence of moisture. The sealer initially sets within 65 minutes providing sufficient working time. Esthetically, the tooth-colored advanced sealer is highly radiopaque, offering a greater visual for placement of the sealer.
“As promised, we’ve delivered yet another outstanding product that is easy to use, safe for patients with latex allergies, and a notch above other sealers,” said Shane Coloney, brand development manager for Dentsply Sirona.

“ProRoot ES is biocompatible and bioinductive that provides the same healing properties as its counterpart ProRoot MTA. We are proud that clinicians can confidently use this product line with predictable healing responses, which they have come to expect from our proven brand names. We continue to strive for better treatment options, ProRoot ES is a prime example of our endless commitment to supporting dentists through proven and scientifically-based products,” Coloney said.
ProRoot ES is currently available only in the U.S.

For more information on ProRoot ES, visit: www.DENTSPLY.com.

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