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NOMAD Pro 2™

NOMAD Pro 2™

With everything at your fingertips, why should your X-ray be any different?

The NOMAD Pro 2 is a handheld, portable X-ray system changing the way dental offices take intraoral X-rays. Its lightweight, 5.5-pound body and extended battery life make it a great choice for all types of dental offices.

The NOMAD Pro 2 allows the operator to stay with the patient while taking X-rays, which makes it perfect for endodontists. Never again pause a procedure to leave the room and take an X-ray — endodontists can now safely take X-rays chairside. By removing the hassle of leaving the room each time, procedures can go smoother and faster than ever before. Plus, the NOMAD Pro 2 is so versatile; it can cover any other imaging needs in the office. Experience all the freedom a handheld unit can bring.

Best workflow design

  • Because the NOMAD Pro 2 does not need walls, pass-throughs, cabinets or other space obstacles, you can create a more open space environment that is comfortable and efficient.
  • No more designing your operatory around your X-ray.

Flexibility — let NOMAD Pro 2 go with you

  • The NOMAD can be shared across multiple rooms, giving your staff the ability and the flexibility to take X-rays in any operatory.
  • Just one NOMAD handheld unit can easily serve two to three operatories, eliminating the need for multiple X-ray units.
  • The NOMAD is ideal for treating a variety of patients including children, geriatrics or special needs.

Did you know that the Gendex GXS-700™ sensors and the NOMAD Pro 2 work GREAT together?

New! Shorter positioning bars for GXS-700 sensors — these positioning bars facilitate the use of the GXS-700 sensors with the NOMAD Pro 2. Use the shorter bars with GXS-700 rings and sensor holders. The shorter bars are 2.16 inches shorter than standard aiming bars and are available in universal, bitewing, and endodontic versions.

Dental professionals worldwide are discovering that the NOMAD Pro 2 gets their diagnosing done faster. That means they can spend their time where it matters most — with the patient.

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