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Introducing EndoSequence® CM

Introducing EndoSequence® CM
Brasseler USA is proud to announce the introduction of its latest innovation in NiTi file technology. EndoSequence® CM was developed to provide clinicians with the optimal balance of strength and flexibility.

The Challenge- Strong/Sharp vs. Flexible/Malleable
It is universally understood that traditional “shape memory” NiTi files cut more efficiently than heat treated “controlled memory” NiTi files but they are more susceptible to cyclic fatigue, transport the canal more frequently and can’t be pre-bent for difficult access. Conversely, controlled memory files are optimal in every performance category other than cutting efficiency. This is logical given that heat treated NiTi files are inherently softer (malleable) and more susceptible to torsional fatigue.

Many clinicians have expressed a desire for a controlled memory NiTi file that cuts more efficiently. This is clearly a challenge for design engineers and NiTi manufacturers. In order to provide a solution we have to acknowledge what makes a NiTi file efficient in the first place. Like all rotary cutting instruments there are two key factors to consider when seeking to maximize cutting efficiency: #1 sharp and strong cutting edges that can withstand the torsional forces they encounter. #2 sufficient chip space for debris to escape into. Without sufficient relief area sharp cutting edges have little impact on cutting efficiency and without a strong and sharp cutting edge, chip space is simply a void ready to be filled.

The Solution- Lower the Working Torque
Unlike other controlled memory files, EndoSequence CM files feature a massive chip space for enhanced debris removal. The patented ACP (Alternating Contact Point) design overcomes the inherent “softness” of the heat treated metal by lowering the working torque on the instrument. The ACP design disperses the torque required to cut the dentin by alternating the cutting edges as the file spins in the canal. The cutting flutes engage and disengage in the canal alike a wave undulating in 3 dimensions.

The Bend, Don’t Break Defense
EndoSequence CM Files are manufactured with an enhanced nitinol metallurgy and heat treatment process that allows for cutting edge fidelity and superior resistance to cyclic fatigue. The metal transitions to its austenitic (stronger) phase at body temperature and it will unwind before it separates which improves patient safety. For this reason it is beneficial to inspect the cutting flutes each time that you clean the instrument (every 2-3 strokes).

Premium Brasseler Quality
EndoSequence CM fles are ultra-premium NiTi files that adhere to extremely tight quality control specifications. Each step of the manufacturing process is meticulously controlled including our exclusive electopolishing process which provides the cleanest and sharpest cutting edge available on the market. EndoSequence CM files are provided in sterile blister packs to ensure that you are using the cleanest and most efficient cutting file for every procedure.

Interested in learning more? Visit www.BrasselerUSA.com or call 800-841-4522

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