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Genius® Endodontic Motor System

The Genius® Endodontic Motor System gives you both the safety of reciprocation and the efficiency of rotary movement. The Genius endodontic motor, contra-angle, and files are designed to work together as a complete system.

The Genius endodontic motor is designed to work optimally with reciprocating and rotary files. It is an adaptable, easy-to-use motor, with various torque settings and smooth, adjustable speeds. The auto-stop settings interrupt movement when a set torque limit is reached to help prevent file separation.
The Genius 8:1 contra-angle, designed specifically for the Genius motor, enables endodontic files to reach the required speeds for any procedure.

The Genius files have a unique S-shaped cross section that makes them compatible with both reciprocating and rotating movement. We recommend using the Genius files with the Genius endodontic motor, which has pre-programmed settings designed specifically for Genius files.

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