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EndoUltra’s™ effective ultrasonic activation is a game changer

endo-ultraImproving outcomes is a primary goal of endodontic treatment. Clinical studies have proved that ultrasonically created acoustic streaming and cavitation when combined with effective irrigating solutions produce cleaner canal anatomy.

product-profile-endo-ultra-quoteAs the leader in Endodontic Irrigation, Vista Dental™ continually focuses on improving the effectiveness of endodontic irrigating solutions and the means to more safely and reliably deliver those solutions in complex canal anatomy. In 2014, Vista Dental launched the EndoUltra™ — the world’s only ultrasonic activator that operates with tip frequencies of 40,000Hz. Research shows that competitive sonic activation devices, which operate at 160Hz, are simply not effective in creating acoustic streaming and cannot produce cavitation.

Research also proves that irrigants are more effective when they are electro-mechanically activated. Ultrasonic energy not only disrupts biofilm while improving penetration of irrigants and removal of dentinal debris, but also greatly reduces bacteria levels and improves root sealing.

Numerous clinical studies support passive ultrasonic irrigation (PUI) over passive or sonic irrigation techniques.

EndoUltra™ is the only activation device capable of producing acoustic streaming and cavitation in small canal spaces, resulting in significantly improved debridement, dis-ruption of biofilm, improved penetration of irrigants into dentinal tubules, and the removal of vapor lock.

EndoUltra™ is engineered and designed to deliver optimal clinical outcomes. The momentum for this pioneered and innovative technology is increasing rapidly.

EndoUltra™ is cordless, compact, and easy to use, which features unique 15/02 Activator Tips, that resonate along the entire length of the tip and do not engage tooth structure. Activator tips feature depth markers at 18, 19, and 20 mm. The EndoUltra™ also contains a LED light for improved visualization.
For more than 20 years, Vista Dental Products has developed solutions and delivery systems that are designed to help clinicians improve endodontic outcomes. The EndoUltra™ ultrasonic activator is another example of product innovation and Vista’s dedication to the industry. To find out more information, visit www.vista-dental.com, www.endoultra.com, or call 877-418-4782.
This information was provided by Vista Dental™.

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